Why I made my life changing decision.

Hi everyone, my name is Dari, I’m Puerto Rican and Dominican decent. I was raised in New Haven, CT and currently reside in West Have, CT. I have two amazing daughters and two beautiful dogs. Here’s a little about my story.

I lived in New Haven for most of my life I decided to move to Puerto Rico for 8 years of my life and my oldest daughter’s life. I lived through Hurricane Maria and lost everything. Yes, everything! I decided to move back to CT looking for stability, a new beginning and honestly some clear mental thinking. I went from being a teachers aid to case management at a half way house until I finally reached a great job within my career.

My career….. I’m a health services coordinator servicing low to no income families. I love what I do and I know for a fact that this will not get me to what I want in life. What is that you might ask… Well, I have bigger goals. Working my career job and going to school for my master’s, I partnered with a company that has changed my life.

This company has helped me grow emotionally, physically and spiritually. Not only did I start my business for a few extra bucks a month I have become an astonishing leader and mentor to other women and men across the world.

If you feel that this story has touched you, has made you think of what else is out there. Dm me….. I invite you to be curious and learn more about me, our team and how we change lives.