Who am I?

My name is Darian☺️

I am a 22 year old self-love coach! I myself have gone through the struggles of hating myself and the way I looked. It came to me how important it is to love your life and your body! As well as to be kind to yourself and others.♥️

I believe my purpose on this earth is to make a change and allow others to come as they are. We all need to feel the love within ourselves to truly be happy and not allow time to be wasted! I spent so much time to work on myself, so why not give it back into the universe for others to see how much their lives are worth as well.

You have meaning in this life, why wait for tomorrow when you have today? You’re not promised another day and you will spend your time in regret once that last day comes. Don’t take your life changing dreams to the grave with you. You are worthy of your dreams.

This is your life- act like it

Your life won’t change unless YOU DO

Inner Love Program

3 week program- $200

Do you have brain fog? Do you watch your days just go by? Do you need guidance on where to start loving yourself? This program focuses on becoming healthy and worthy in your own MIND. Mindset really matters when it comes to living out your best life. It’s time to start living the life you want, not one that others want for you.

This program is a guided program as a 1 on 1. I work personally with you to overcome your thought processes, how you treat yourself, paying attention to your surroundings, etc. I spend the next 3 weeks with you realizing your worth as well as creating a healthier mindset.

Week 1: Listening to yourself (thought patterns)
Week 2: Taking care of yourself (health matters)
Week 3: Connecting with your soul (feeling like you’re in a safe space and can do anything)

I also take payment plans- $67 first 2 weeks, $66 3rd week

Payments through venmo

Our Beautiful Bodies Program

4 week program- $275

When you hate the way you look you set yourself for a life of feeling unworthy and failure. You look down in a room full of people instead of walking in as if you’re the main character. This program is for people who want to come as they are with their body and or just before starting a fitness journey. Your body is a temple and should be expressed with LOVE. This will help bring confidence to your life, become happier and take more risks.

Week 1: Overcoming patterns
Week 2: Being honest
Week 3: What do you love?
Week 4: Becoming healthy where you’re at

I will walk you through all 4 weeks as a 1 on 1. Each week we focus on something new as well as discover who you really are and why you feel the way you do. This program is for people who want to really dig deep and find the root of why they feel the way they do and overcome those feelings to live healthier and happier.

I also take payment plans $68.75 for 4 weeks

Payments through venmo

Loving your body- 30 min zoom call $40

We discuss the main points you want to change within yourself and your goals to loving your body. As well as personal solutions to guide you in the right direction.

Payment through venmo

Loving your mind- 30 min zoom call $40

Personally discuss what you want to work on in your mind as well as what you want to accomplish. Personalizing the ways you can improve your mind and get where you want to go.