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My name is Darian I am a content creator and also an aspiring chef you are probably wondering where am I from I’m from Puerto Rico a beautiful island with amazing places and amazing food and a lot of romance , I will share with you my journey with food , travel, and romance a lot of advice in self love and also new fashion follow my content and follow me on my journey.

My Top Pick

My top recommendation for the day would be one of my favorite books called near and far .

This book will have you traveling in your mind seeing new places thru the art of food amazing pictures of different places and culture the book is divided in two major sections the near is inspired by the recipes and the rest well you gonna have to find out your self take a chance and order the book online and get inspired by new places and culinary art.

Recommendation #1

Love is unpredictable it’s not something easy to understand love is more than a feeling it’s a connection hard to find like good wine , Wine speaks to all the senses: the eyes behold the color, tone, and shade; the nose, the bouquet, the fingers and lips caress the cool crystal; the ears delight in the subtle swishing of the liquid; the tongue rejoices in the reward of a rich harvest." Love feels exactly like wine we wait years to find to perfect taste.

We all love a vintage scenario this book has many images of it that will have you day dreaming.

My Top Pick Romance film

The last letter from your lover

movie, released Friday, follows journalist Ellie Haworth (Felicity Jones) as she uncovers letters from the 1960s written by illicit lovers Jennifer Stirling, an American expat stuck in an uninspired marriage, and Anthony O'Hare, a divorced foreign correspondent.


The Last Letter from Your Lover tells the story of Jennifer Stirling (Shailene Woodley), a 1960’s humble housewife who is living a life of luxury with her fat cat, captain of the industry husband, Laurence (Joe Alwyn, still trying to get rid of the stench of Harriet). Her life becomes the subject of a story, nearly 50 years later, when a London Chronicle reporter, Ellie (Felicity Jones), uncovers a stack of her clandestine letters.

The problem is they weren’t written to her husband, Laurence. They corresponded with Anthony O’Hare (Emma’s Callum Turner), a financial journalist assigned to cover Ms. Stirling’s husband. Jennifer is tired of her husband’s absence from her life (that has resulted in her being childless) or, in general, the way he dismisses her thoughts and feelings of a housewife who doesn’t know her place. Anthony connects with her on an intellectual level that treats her as an equal, not a subordinate

The lovers

As their romance blossoms, O’Hare asks Ms. Stirling to run away with him to New York. She can’t. In the 1960s, you disused with your husband because that’s just how things are done (it can’t possibly be by the money, clothes, and comfortable living). She says no, making this homewrecker feel used. Though, she finally comes to her senses and runs after him. The problem is there is a storm and a London fog. She can’t get a cab, so some poor chap named Felipe takes her, speeding for the train station.

Well, things don’t go exactly well from there. She is involved in a car accident. That poor chap is killed, and Ms. Stirling is left injured and with a fuzzy memory. Laurence finds a letter and keeps it on his desk. When Jennifer’s memory returns, she goes through her husband’s desk and finds that letter. She demands to know why she kept it from her. Which I think you guys know the answer to that “

Is it worth the risk ?

On this scene they looked at each other with so much want and desire that makes me think why wouldn’t anybody fight for a love like that one why waste your life with a another person you don’t feel for ? Why not take that risk for love after all we aren’t gonna live forever those letters of love and the time to see each other was not enough for them , they talked about running away to NY why? Not go and grow old together we as humans are scared of decisions that are good for us and then live in regret , have you ever been afraid to love someone else would you take that risk he asked her to leave with him 7:15 pm to take a train and start a life they could be so happy , she left her ring and ran as fast as she could to make it on time he waited with hopes of her getting there she didn’t make it for the simple fact of getting in a car accident.

Do we still have time ?

Now, both are old, grey, and with skin that undoubtedly has a sandpaper feel, but it doesn’t matter. She reaches out and touches his face, causing him to close his eyes and remember how good that felt decades ago and imagine all that time away from the person that you know deep down you always wanted and now you are old but still alive to say all the I love you and write a few more letters to each other , I have one advice for people it’s easier said than done don’t wait till it’s to late .

Marrakesh Mediterranean Cuisine

In love with how healthy this meal was .

Mediterranean food has so much variety this location deserves more recognition.

Taking chances  —

3 simple question to a well known baseball player Pete Rose.

First question

Does your journey have and end ?
He’s response was he’s journey will never end until he’s heart stops beating “

What moment gave you the most joy ?
Pete rose answered the 2 moments that have him joy was he’s first hit 1963 against the Pittsburgh pirates .

Third question

How to go from normal life to where you are now ?

Pete rose responded with out taking risk you will never know your potential.

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