your daily aesthetic🕊🌙

healthy lifestyle, productivity and fashion

Welcome to Your Daily Aesthetic🕊🌙, by dariatrifu! On this website, i will post monthly, weekly, maybe daily! So stay tuned if you want to discover the organized part of you and learn to be productive with me! We will also have a lot of fun choosing cute and inspiring outfits. ⚜ see you!

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your daily aesthetic🕊🌙

my top picks when it comes to learning

Hi everyone! and welcome to Your Daily Aesthetic🕊🌙, by dariatrifu.
I have always taken care of the choices I make when it comes to organizing my time, so that I can not only learn, but also enjoy the time spent reading a book or doing my homework.
I usually use apps, soothing music and others.
Here are some of my chioces when it comes to learning:

  1. #2 notes🗒

    #2 notes🗒

    nothing but notes. notes for samsung, notes for apple. does not matter. they help you organize your time if you know how to use them. you can write "things to do", or a complete schedule, all scheduled on time. if you have a samsung and you want to take more aesthetic notes, you can use iNote, a notes application that is similar to that of the iphone, but instead can be found on the play store.