Tell the world what you’re made of

I am 24 years old from Ontario, Canada.

I am a recent college graduate of a three-year Business Administration program in the Marketing Stream, where I rediscovered my love for Photography, Graphic Design and Marketing. It might be the pisces in me, but I enjoy any opportunity that arises, where I can allow my creative side to come through.

My passion is people and nature. During my studies, it became a tough trying to narrow down my future, what I should do... After graduation, it became evident that finding a career (let alone a job) in my field would be nearly impossible. So with the support of my family and friends, I launched my Virtual Assistance Business in August of 2020. This is where I became connected with so many beautiful people.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to learn more about my gifts and become the healer I've always known I was meant to be.

[But how can I do both?]
Simple really. I am able to use my abilities to tune into my clients energy (only with their permission) to assist them further. This allows me the capability to tune in, and allow their guides to assist me with whatever it may be.

Although I am new, I am here and learning every chance I get!


allow yourself more free time

A huge part of my job is helping those gain additional time to do what it is they do best, or to allow them a little extra for those they love most.

I get asked all the time, " What is a Virtual Assistant?"

First of all, there is so many things that I am able to do, so it is hard to narrow it down.

-Social Media Marketing : Content creating
- Email management : because who has time to read emails anymore?
- Research & Educating : I look into apps & programs for clients, then show them how to use the product or compare them.
- Proof reading : Got an important document? Or want to make sure that you dotted all of your i's.
- Data Entry : Spreadsheets

**Please note that I do not offer any assistance with Accounting/Bookeeping.


15 minute zoom conference call to discuss your business, what it is you are looking for in help, budget... This is where we both get a chance to see if "The stars align", without any commitments. I want to assure that it will be an even energetic exchange.

$50.00 USD

$75.00 USD

**Please note that if the calls go past their selected time, an additional $10.00 USD charge will be applied.

I'm ready!

What do you need to hear most?

It's in the cards

At this time I am only offering Pre-recorded sessions.

This is a pre-recorded reading where I am a messenger for your spirit team (angels, arc-angels, passed loved ones, galactic team, etc..). I am holding space, so that I am able to connect with your team and deliver any messages, guidance, symbols and/or healing.

While connected, I am paying close attention to all of my clairs (clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience) to be able to provide you with as much detail as possible.

**These videos will be uploaded to my personal Youtube Channel where I will then email you a direct link so you can view it. (It will not be posted as public, so only those with a link will be able to watch it)



1- It's in the cards : Card Reading >> 10 minute pre-recorded video.
$22.20 USD

2- It's in the cards : Channeled Card Reading >> 20 minute pre-recorded video.
$33.30 USD

3- It's in the cards : Channeled Card Reading >> 30 minute pre-recorded video.
$44.40 USD

Card Pull Testimonials

Darion has a calming presence about her that as soon as we started our Zoom my worries melted off of me. She made me feel safe especially when the reading went so deep and heavy. The way she channels makes my vibe raise just listening to her. She speaks so compassionately and her messages validated what I was feeling in that moment and what I truly needed to hear. She has a true gift and I am so lucky to have gotten a reading from her. I highly recommend Darion if you need intuitive guidance but also she is a BOSS!! She is a very talented Virtual Assistant and helps so many people. You won’t regret letting her help you too.

Cara. M


Holistic Healing Services

Energy Scans

I am certified to preform Energy Scans!

In January 2021, I decided to take Natashia Mack's 8 week course, Energy Scan Initiation. During this time I was able to learn more in dept about the Chakras, Clairs and so much more. This course allowed me the opportunity to connect with some beautiful and talented women within the Spiritual community and to practice. It was such a great learning environment and I truly got so much out of it.

What is an Energy Scan? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

An Energy Scan is essentialy a Chakra Scan, where I connect to your aura, and while using my clairs, I begin to receive messages from your spirit team (Messages, Guidance, Symbols...)
Overall what I am doing is a check in with your chakras, I can assist you with clearing energetic blocks.

I am currently offering pre-recorded sessions to my clients who are interested. Please note that I have limited spots available at the introductory rate.

1- Introductory Cost : Full Energy Scan (7 chakras)
$99.00 USD

2- Half Energy Scan (Tune up)
$55.50 USD


Credit goes out to my Spiritual Mentor who invented Energy Scans and who taught me how to preform them.

@iamnatashiamack www.natashiamack.com


Energy Scan Testimonials

Hi Darion!! Thank you SO MUCH again for an amazing reading and energy scan! I’ve been feeling so grounded and chill since then! This is quite a feat for me as I constantly struggle to ground myself. So I really appreciate the messages you relayed and work you did around my root chakra! It was much needed!

I also greatly appreciate the beautiful messages of support you relayed from my guides! 😭

You are so talented and have a strong connection with spirit! I’m so glad I could experience your work! Thank you!!!

Jayne. W


Darion is incredible! I just received a reading from her and she was able to get details that really helped me focus on specific parts of my energy that needed some things addressed! She also picked up on a past life that resonated very deeply. It help explain so much of some themes that are going on in my current life. I highly recommend Darion! Such a sweet and accurate channel! 💗

Lindsey. P


Darion's energy scan was insanely mind blowing! She picked up on physical symptoms I was experiencing with such detailed accuracy that my jaw actually dropped. Darion clearly has a gift for understanding the link between our energy centers and our physical bodies! In addition to the precision of what she picked up on physically, she also delivered messages that my soul needed to hear. It was such a comforting and validating experience all around. I'd highly recommend Darion!