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Your Daring Darlene

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Random thoughts that suddenly appears out of nowhere

Don’t let somebody take you down. Be the ‘Bestie’ of yourself and protect yourself as how you protect your best friend.

In order to be accepted by someone, you should accept yourself first, accept your flaws, your constraints, because being flawed is just normal, nobody is perfect. BEING IMPERFECT IS PERFECT. You should be the one who will accept first yourself, accept for who you are and what you are because no one will do it for you, it’s ONLY YOU.

Another reminder is, there is something to happen. Just wait for the right time, prepare yourself for it, be the best version of yourself for that ‘something’. Just have faith in God because He is still working on to that ‘something’. He is still writing your story, that’s why we usually notice we have ‘twists’ in life because maybe we’re on the climax part of our story and it implicates that The Author is making sure that you will experience a-‘they live happy ever after’-ending. We have different timelines in life, we have different stories in life but the same Author. If you feel you are left behind compare to your batchmates, classmates, friends, relatives, then it’s their story and NOT YOURS. Maybe you haven’t reach yet your own timeline or you’re not yet on the best part of your story. JUST WAIT because He is still on the process of writing your life story. God is working each day for your life and for your prayers.
If you feel that your prayers are not answered by God, maybe it’s not yet the right time, or maybe IT’S REALLY NOT FOR YOU. No matter how intimate you have prayed for it if it’s not meant for you then it won’t really happen. Maybe it would jeopardize your life in the end. God won’t let that happen for you, He don’t want to put your life in danger because HE LOVES YOU. All you have to do is to love Him and have stronger faith in Him.
If you feel ungrateful, then you are not giving attention to your best things in life that would make you feel grateful!

Pps. I don’t know why I wrote these random things. It feels like there’s someone who’s pushing me to write something and let go my thoughts this morning. It feels weird Haha.
Disclaimer: I’m not really good in English.

- Random thoughts in March 14, 2021, 8:18 AM. LOL!

- Navarra, 2021

Realizations of a Fangirl

Celebrating 1 year experience of being a fan of SB19

It’s been a year since I started to stan the best ppop group I’ve ever known. Actually, I’ve known them since 2019, since they went viral online and it triggers me to explore more about them but I’d already made a promise to IV of Spades that they will be the last celebrities that I will idolized (promises are definitely meant to be broken haha) but unfortunately they announced hiatus that really saddened my fangirling life. When that happened, my fangirling self were longing for another source happiness from any idols. While scrolling in tiktok, I have usually seen funny contents about SB19. Out of curiosity, I’d research more about their group all over social media. And with that, I became their fan that I’ve never expected to. What made me truly an A’TIN is because of their vlogs and show break contents that made my fangirl-self alive again. And, the rest is history… That is how SB19 saved me from loneliness during pandemic era.

I idolized this Ppop because of their worldclass talents, their role-model personalities, their visuals (Homayghad), and most importantly they taught life lessons to their fans. They also taught me how to glow up physically haha. Each members has their own life stories that really touched my heart. They taught me to wait for the perfect time to shine. SB19 waited for a long time for their popularity and their big break in OPM. They debuted last Oct 26, 2018 but at that time they failed to share their talent to the wide range of people and in any entertainment platforms because there’s only few people know about them and supported them (Aurum Era). Because of their failure career, they even decided to disband after the ‘Go Up’ will be release, if ever it will still fail. Not until, a fan named ‘Lyra’ posted on twitter about their Go Up dance practice and fortunately, it went viral that attracted millions of people after they watched their videos. This made me realized to just wait for the right time for your ‘shining-shimmering-splendid’ moment. Even it will take months or years or decades, if what you’re doing right now is destined for you, it will really happen. “Practice will never betray you” that’s the most important slogan that SB19 taught to their fans to not give up and be productive always.

At this point, I would like to take a pledge to you (the one who reads this) and to SB19 that I will forever stan them no matter what happens and they will be the last celebrities that I will idolized.

Lastly, I just want to thank SB19 boys on not giving up in reaching their goals. Soon, I will be proud to see them achieving their dreams individually. I will love you always boys. And I promise I will reach my dreams because you truly inspired and motivates me always. Thank you for 1 year of Joy. SLMT!

-Mahalima X A’TIN Darlene 💙
ps. This is just a summary of a summary of my fangirling story. I want to tell more but I couldn’t. I wished there will be someone whose willing to listen the whoooole story. hehe.

Graduation Letter

I dedicate this letter to all the people who helped me into this triumph. We win as one!

First and foremost, to Almighty Father in heaven who strengthens me in everything I do. I am spiritually thankful for providing everything I need. For Your unending blessings, guidance, and protection, I was saved. I will always trust and praise You my loving Father.

I would also love to express to deepest gratitude to my parents who were always showered us with their unconditional love. To my hard working mother who tries any businesses just to save us from starvation. Thank you Ma for doing everything and sacrificing all your means for our family. To my assiduous father who worked as an employee for more than 2 decades in order to sustain all our needs and wants. You taught us any life lessons and disciplined us very well. Thank you Mama and Papang for being the pillars of our family and thank you for all of your sacrifices and sufferings you have endured just to raise us successfully. Sorry for being stubborn and cold-hearted daughter but I always love you my MaPa.

I am also grateful to my relatives, our beloved Nanay and Tatay in heaven and to our uncles and aunts. To my favorite cousins, ate Hany and ate Sweet and her family for continuously supporting me into this journey. Most especially, to my two supportive sisters who understands me especially in my difficult times. Thank you fam!

I would also like to acknowledge and give my warmest appreciation to my classmates and batchmates who were always helped me to complete all of my school activities and projects. Thank you to WALAY KLASE UGMA (gc name) friends for the camaraderie and for providing the “blessings” in any activities as well. I am beyond thankful to all of you guys! Congratulations and see you in our next journey.

Lastly, I would be remiss in not mentioning my friends and bestfriends, especially to my SHS bestfriends; Belle, Razel, Yman, and Ruvs. Thank you for staying with me after we separated and for supporting me always. I am also praying for all of your success and triumphants in life.

Above all, thank you for everyone whom I didn’t mentioned especially to those people who provide funds for solicitations. You already know who you are.
Honestly, I am not an expressive person and in this letter, I didn’t expressed everything they’ve done for me and for this victory, but I acknowledged all their support and I am very thankful as I poured all of my sincere gratitudes to everyone.
We’ve come so far and I am here, victoriously writing this dedication letter because of you guys. This is not the end, but the beginning of an end. MAY THE SUCCESS BE WITH YOU!

Thank you and To God be the Glory! Adios.