Darmicka M. Thompson

Beauty Care

Hi guys my name is Darmicka and I’ll be telling you a little about myself.

I was born in Columbus and raised in Cleveland. I am a mother of a one year old baby girl. Her name is Madisonn and I just want to show her a great life and what ever you put your mind to you CAN DO IT!

I was recently in the Healy care field and it didn’t work out so much because of COVID-19. I was a PCA (patient care assistant) and I absolutely loved it. I took care of residents. I will feed them, bathe, dress and undress them and I will have to put them to bed. I loved my job but I want to move forward in life and I didn’t want COVID.

I was scrolling down IG and came across my mentor best thing I could’ve ever did. I wanted to become my own boss and move forward in life so I invested in this business and it’s coming together. I want to explore the world and have a happy family having this business will change your future if I can do it you can to!

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