A Metaphor you’ve never Met before

This is Das, a smile that never flips. He is from Maryland but resides in Atlanta, yet he calls many places home. To those close to him, he’s a father, son, brother and a friend. To the rest of the world, a multifaceted poet who uses simple verbs and words to convey a deeper meaning about the experiences of life and love. When he first started writing, poetry was form of therapy. Now he is somewhat of a therapist providing clarity to others, speaking on those every day situations that many society goes through in a lifetime.

A true conversationalist, who connects and reflects with everyone. Inhaling and exhaling knowledge and wisdom to provide comfort within himself and others. Das is a character like no other, never the one to keep his story hidden. A renaissance man who embraces all forms of art; music, theatre, photography, etc. To Das art is more then just reading words of a page. Its a passion! It brings comfort to emotions.

Across time and space artist illustrate their thoughts and emotions whether it’s the strokes of paint on a canvas, the notes played through instruments or words written in verses.

YOU. —

The way your hips sway when you walk
The way your lips move when you talk
The way your eyes glisten in the light,
to me you are perfect to a fault.
Like an ideal blend of pepper and salt
A beautiful Goddess above all, I want to lead your the cult
A secure bank, I want in to the vault.
A flawless IPA, I want taste your malt.

Have soft melanin, smooth like fresh rose peddles
A sensual voice that always rose levels.
Warm to the touch like an old kettle.
Like the water in the pot,
Within you I can never settle.
An aroma so sweet, I always revel.
I am rebel, and you are my cause.
A masterpiece with no flaws.
With hand sculpted curves, a priceless vase.
Now take a pause.
Understand I want to be your the what now,
what's to come and your what was.

Are belle of all beauties, let me be your beast.
I want to ravage you, let me off this leash.
A five course meal, but on that cookie I want to feast.
So As you lay back Feeling that
intimate peace
I want to ride forever, no need to lease.
And once the key is in the igniton, I will not cease.
I will not desist. I can not resist.
That tension, I want to remove it, I insist
Your wants and needs is all I consist
Pleasing your pleasures, I want to assist
I want the Climax to persist.
You are the reason I exist.

I want to experience Adidas like Ro James.
So give permission to NoShame.
To burn slow the candles with a low flame,
and take this ride with no reins.
I want you to feel like a queen, and I will be your Caesar.
and like Daniel, who would've thought I would got you
So many best parts, I want to caress those features.
I want you to hold me down, I want that leisure.

I want that time. I want to vibe with you.
I want to give that mind to you.
I want to 23 x 3 intertwind with you.
I want to parellel intersect those lines with you.
I want to twine and become a vine on you.
I want to be your everything
let me provide for you.
I want that partnership,
to spend my life with you.
That title of wife is good sight on you.
I want to be connected.
With you a Woman who is perfected.
My heart and mind is forever infected.
I want to be your ebony night,
Within my arms you always be protected.
I’m so lost within your essence, I can’t be detected.
You are the rib that I have selected.
Cause of the way your eyes look into my soul.
Cause of the way your smile makes me feel whole.
Cause of the way your touch makes me fold.
Cause of the way your presence warms my cold.
The feel of your X's and O's

Are an intoxicating book, I will read and reread.
You have saved me, the bondage of loneliness I am freed.
You make me feel like a new man, something of a new breed.
You give my life a new high,
Something more blissful then weed.
You are everything I want,
So here is my creed
I will give you everything you need
I will give my life to have you, for you I will bleed.
Where ever you are is where my home is, take the deed.
Where ever you are I will follow, take the lead.
I want you all to myself, feel my greed.
See….2 Halves becoming a whole, that future with you I want to weave.
I’m sayin I want you to mother my legacy, so take my seed.
Cause Life is suffocatin without you,
And right now I can’t breathe
So to the heavens I plead, for you

Artist: Jessica Coppet


The process of being born again.
To be reborn to win.
Reborn beyond the idea of sin.
Walkin through life now wit a betta understandin.
Grippin tight, that hands on handlin.
Real steady always ready like, no more scrambling
No more rambling
No more canceling
Never again focused on them moments captured,
Life is now a picture candid
New Personality discovered, now a fixture
New mentality uncovered, it’s a mixture expanded

This a step closer to true enlightenment
Experiencing life everyday with new excitement
It’s more than a quick edit, it’s a new revisement
No need for the additional advisement
Cause The biography has been rewritten
Has been Revisioned!
Now ready and recommissioned.
Behold a Firm stance on new foundation,
Cause The reaction different,
Take a glance at new found patiences
Cause The impaction different,
Greater chance of new found relations
Cause the transaction different.
Damn… this awakening is more than a revival.
It’s A new time of hour, feel the entitle.
It’s A new type of power, deeper than the Bible.
Becoming a powerful wave streamin upon this world.
It’s A new tidal!
This transcendence is vital.
It’s the means to survival

Cause it’s a revelation type of birth.
Spark the gas, feel the heat ,
A new flame respires within, now see it’s worth.
Switch connections to a new network, peep its girth.
Growing a new legacy, erect the family tree deep into this Earth.
Now immerse … into this new feel.
Converse with life … time for a new deal.
Dreams transition to reality,
this new real on a new reel
Goals melted down remolded, this new steel.
Fresh like new seal.
Mental Position now solid.
Spiritual Guidance turned knowledge.
Emotional reliance provides solace
Will now driven, success is a promise
Presence got new shine, no need for polish.
This Reincarnation True, not symbolic.
PEOPLE this is the REBIRTH!

Artist: El’Cesart