hi loves! before you use anything please give credits!

my socials < first page
coloring < second page
fonts < third page
intro < fourth page
themes < fifth
announcements < sixth page

made with love
@vsunkiescafe <33

current coloring

apps needed: 24fps (free), prequel<33

first go to 24fps and import the photo below this.

then save!

second, go to prequel and put these settings in 𝐚𝐝𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭.

exposure• -100
contrast• -20
highlights• +100
shadows• -100
saturation• +25
glow• + 25
blur• 36

my fonts<3

cream DEMO - garlic salt - pumpkin cheesecake - futurist - mermaid bold - momsdiner - refresh - betterfly - nature pro - silent caroline - paris - cute icons - homework - kgflavorandframesthree - kg red hands - lemon milk bold - love - winkle - menina graciosa ornament two - cute written - goldie boxing - DJB doodles - minecraft - children sans - summer coast - good mood - butterflies - sunday best - byom icons - winterfun - muthiara - biko - doodle frames - aracne - KLCupid - wm valentine - UIMockup - stanberry - hipster icon - beauty (icons) - eternal amsterdam - loveyadoodle - angora - honey moon - fbnyan - habede extra doodles - letters for learners

my intro

apps needed: prequel, capcut

first go to prequel and put iris blur.

then go to capcut and press text. you should see add text | text template | auto captions | stickers. | press text template. scroll till you see the stars one saying “im so glad i met you” insert your text, cut it to where you want it to stop and your done!


info about my themes

my themes last about 1week.

i get inspo from other people then use those ideas to create my OWN theme.

you can use my theme but give credit!

after im done with my current theme (tommorow) i will make a font pack on it!

happy friday!

heres a font pack for my recent theme!

cloud: hbede extra doodles

curved thing: garlic salt extras

my username: rainy hearts

“theme”- sunflor craft

heart line: KLcupid

butterfly line- betterfly

“answers” - lamina

• no sorry (the answers) - cheeky rabbit

“mail”- cheeky rabbit

letter- habede extra doodles

below the mail and letter - pretty you

“cat cafe” - biko

cat: cat cafe

“hows your day”- love

circles- garlic salt

vsunkiescafe at the bottum- yellow butterflies