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Design that Brings People Together

Design is my way of merging my passions for creativity and universal utility. I know the depth of meaning in discovering spaces that validate feelings, foster belonging, and promote connection between like-minds to better the world around us.


I enjoy creating spectacular business solutions, especially in the marketing and product space.

As the current marketing coordinator for Wives in Waiting, Inc., I primarily oversee branding and membership experience. I manage our social media marketing and regularly consult on product/service launches and partnership deals.

I grew up in Ocala, a sizeable city in Central FL. After graduating from Orange Park High School in 2012, I attended Florida State University where I received my BS in International Affairs. With concentrations in French and Russian, I spent undergraduate school as a L.E.O.N.E.S tutor to k12 scholars with ESL backgrounds. Those years cemented my commitment to bridging cultures, ideas, and people.

Feminine Keys Coaching

Business Administration

Feminine Keys Coaching is a faith-based dating agency which seeks to empower women to live for god and to love the lives they live.

Program Support

The company has two premium programs for coaching clients: Date with Cents™️ and Curved to Cuffed™️.

Community management, content management, account reconciliation, and general communications were my primary responsibilities with premium clients.

I was also responsible for inbound marketing through ActiveCampaign to ensure prospective clients cycled through the vetting process.

Marketing & Public Relations

I managed the company blog, social media, and course portals to ensure all public facing content aligned with company values and intent, including a blogging partnership with Grow the Heck Up for the Torah’s 2 Cents blog.

I coordinated all TorahCents public appearances, from radio and podcast interviews to public speaking. These include

• 128-From Curved to Cuffed with TorahCents episode of the Boonie Breakdown
• Jump from Curved to Cuffed episode of the Schoolin Life podcast
• THRIVING hosted by Barbara Klein
• Envision You 2020 in Tampa, FL
• Powerful Women | SLC 2020

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Content Writing Samples

How to be Vulnerable without Unnecessary Risk

Written under pseudonym for executive.

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Move On and Mean It

Even if you were partly to blame…

Even if you caught a bad break…

If it hurts you to walk away now, after giving it all you’ve got…

If you don’t have all the next steps figured out…

Even if you’re afraid you’ll wind up right back where you started…

It’s time to move on, Sis.

Yeah, you can beat yourself over the head for your past mistakes…or you can set about ensuring that you never make them again.

You can go back to toxic, dead-end relationships which were dragging you down and wearing on your spirit…or you can invest yourself in relationships that uplift you and enrich your inner being.

You can gripe and fester in a sea of resentment for people who preyed on you and your good intentions…or you can make moves to replenish your inner circle with people who safeguard your interests as their own.

It’s up to you, Sis.

Sometimes we don’t have to know what we want in order to accept that what we have ain’t it…and Better awaits us elsewhere.

Keep Going

Take the moment, Sis…
The moment you NEED.

Maybe you’re exhausted when you wake up in the morning and you still have the rest of the day ahead of you…
Take the moment you need to refocus your mind away from your exhaustion and toward your purpose.

Maybe you’ve even had to walk out of meetings, classrooms, or restaurants, because you wanted to scream at the world about how little sense it has made all year…
Take the moment you need to get some perspective on your ability to handle the PRESENT situation, and not the pressures from your past.

Take the moment…

The one that’s the ONLY THING keeping you sane enough to walk back in to handle your business when you begin to mentally and emotionally walk out on your life.

It’s how you’ve survived the:
• unexpected death in the family
• sexual assault
• robbery
• broken home
• natural disaster
• disability
• lawsuit
• clean water crisis
• overbearing relatives
• broken promises for a happily ever after…

You’ve been through more than most…and it’s NOT okay, but taking -that- moment is what’s going to get you from “it’s not okay” to “it’s not over.”

Respond Wisely

You’ve HAD it!!!

You’re fed up, being looked over for the payout you put time in to earn…

This isn’t the first time they’ve done you wrong, and in your efforts to MAKE them respect your wants and needs, you’ve:

• missed opportunities to better your life with friends who weren’t perfect but were worth it…
• set a standard of dysfunction in relating that routinely offers you the opposite of your goals in love
• spent HELLA time staring out the window of What Could’ve Been If I Hadn’t (Insert Nonsense Here)

You need a reality check, Sis.

Spending valuable resources (your time, emotional capacity, and even your hard-earned money) on “get-back” will only increase the wrong you feel.

Choose today to reclaim your worth from the situation, acknowledging that

YOU define IT.

Reflect on how you made it to this low point, acknowledging where YOU went wrong and what is in your power to improve.

Recalibrate your “pride” so that your reputation remains intact, that way you can stand proud later, no matter what.

Perhaps most importantly: reconcile your emotions BEFORE you set a course of action.

You’ve already lost so much, lady…You can keep taking losses, or you can learn.

InnerLight Media

Social Media Management for ILM Clients

InnerLight Media is a social media agency specializing in positivity and inspirational content.


Before transitioning to automated reports, I improved our original reports from simple metrics to relation graphs and tables.

Content Planning

I revamped our original schedule templates to indicate platform, platform profile, holidays and monthly observances, as well as the form of content planned for the day.

I coordinated content creation schedules between internal graphic designers and client team creators to ensure consistent brand voice and activity on target platforms.

I also managed the company Facebook Page ILM Positivity.

InnerLight Media

Internal & External Business Communications

As a premier viral positivity company, InnerLight Media receives incredible support from fans and like-minded brands.

Relationship Management

I reviewed collaboration requests ranging from charity sponsorships to digital ad campaigns. In my year as communications manager I successfully coordinated (3) charity sponsorships by InnerLight, one of which a media partnership for Alcheringa, IIT Guwahati’s Man-Shakti Initiative, Summer ‘20.

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Client Onboarding

I crafted a team process to progress prospective clients from vetting to account setup. As the company grew and many roles shifted, it was important to establish a concrete workflow across team members for this repetitive process. I managed to outline client needs and team member needs to reconcile concerns around confidentiality, collaboration, and content creation schedules.

Through my experience in this area I was able to learn basic contract negotiation principles between collective entities and the best practices of automated onboarding campaigns.

ILM 28-Day Intensive

This program was an offshoot from a 2-Day seminar at the close of 2020. I was brought on 2 days before the Intensive was set to start, which required me to quickly assess the stakes for program members in order to anticipate and meet their customer service needs.

When an error occurred with our CRM, I singlehandedly manually retrieved 300+ email addresses to reproduce our intensive members campaign list.

Visual Proposal Design

As a multimedia based company, ILM often produced visual fee proposals for prospective clients. It was my responsibility to create custom templates for each proposal. The provided visuals are scrubbed of client fee details.


Event Marketing

Wives in Waiting is an international non-profit women’s organization which supports women’s faith development.

As Marketing Coordinator, I develop strategic web content campaigns which reflect organization values, excite (prospective) members, and relay the full array of organization resources for the holistic growth of women.

A Meeting at The Well

Design Tools: Photoshop

Pamper Me Pretty

Pamper Me Pretty was a Wives in Waiting special event. In the midst of COVID-19, many members were sacrificing their public self-care activities to practice social responsibility in 2020. The virtual event acknowledged ladies’ needs to feel kept-up and catered to for their feminine energy. These are the resulting designs for our social media campaign for Pamper Me Pretty.

Design Tools: PicMonkey and Gifmaker

Sister Circles

The ministry operates local sister circles across the United States, offering spiritual practices, community, and often guest workshops for feminine development. In 2021, we have successfully virtualized 20 robust circles and introduced 3 new circles in the first quarter.

Design Tools: Photoshop and PicMonkey

Pillow Talk

Design Tools: Photoshop and PicMonkey

Tuesday Talk on Women’s Health

Design Tools: Photoshop and PicMonkey

UPCOMING: Wall of Gratitude

Wives in Waiting

Mobile App

Objective: create a ministry platform for swift updates and intimate participation comparable to the ministry’s website. I performed all product related tasks, including stakeholder management, user interviews, and UI/UX design.

Design tools: Photoshop and PicMonkey
Development platform: AppMachine



UPCOMING: Wireframes

UPCOMING: Prototypes

UPCOMING: Beta testing results

UPCOMING: Marketing Graphics

Inspographic Design —

GIFs —

Wives in Waiting

Women Like Us

Women Like Us was the ministry conference theme for 2020 and a collaborative effort across the social media, events, and communications teams.

I served as social media coordinator and lead designer.

The conference had 110 attendees.

Design Tools: Photoshop and PicMonkey

Early Bird Flyer

Day 30 for social campaign

Opening Night Flyer

Session 1 Flyer

Takeaway Template #1

Takeaway Template #2

Takeaway Template #3

Session 1 Video Clip

Universoul Awakening

UPCOMING: Book Design

UPCOMING: Workbook Formatting