Hey Babe!

I’m Daviana

I am 22 and living out my life taking photos, traveling, and eating all the food!
I have two fur babies and love spoiling them.
I have suffered from acne for as long as I can remember. I literally would try anything to help it. As a girl in today’s society that can be a huge shot to your self confidence. My hair was basically the same story in different words. I couldn’t get the curl I wanted or it was never straight enough (hello seventh grade and hot tools). When I heard and saw what Monat was doing for people, and all different types of people, I knew it was something I had to get. I am so glad I did!!
The products themselves have ingredients that I know what they are and can pronounce. They are vegan all natural and toxic free. The company is an amazing organization that has such positivity and support.
Being able to use these products as well as help others with the same issues I had has been so amazing. Not to mention the added $$ in my pocket and the best part is I LOVE doing this!
The opportunity to do what you love and have an income come out of it is something we all wish for so let’s take control and be the boss babes that we all can.
Swipe right so I can learn more about how to help you and we can start your journey ☺️