My name is David Fast

I am a lover and friend to my beautiful partner, father of two and stepfather to four!

Going through separation and divorce through the system Canada has can be treacherous and demoralizing. It can be taxing to your finances, relationships to friends and family and last and most importantly can be destructive to children who just want the “Healthy” you.

I have been through this system, wrecked my finances, relationships and my children felt the stress of a long struggle.

Due to this I have felt impassioned towards other families walking this path. Mentoring others going through this and providing options that don’t lay waste to all finances and relationships has become one of my passions.

Mentoring through court proceedings, document writing or mentoring family integration

Whether representing yourself or utilizing the professional help of a family lawyer the family law system can be overwhelming. Small steps in the process can look large or be made to look large, simple documents and paperwork can be made to be over complicated and rarely can you get a straight answer.

My goal is you get straight answers, where the truth is on the table, practical help with documents and the process. Mentoring family dynamics and building personal techniques to successfully overcome the next challenge.......there will always be more!

Communication, Common respect and Collaboration are areas I focus on. While the mechanics of filling out documents and submitting them are essential (I help with these) they often end up being the smallest of obstacles.

My goal is we learn to trust ourselves, keep the separation and divorce process as simple as possible so that everyone involved can adapt to the new normal and thrive as individuals.

What we do.....

What’s the Plan?

I only take on a select number of files at one time. This is to ensure that each person involved is a priority as they should be.

I do not take retainers and only charge per hour and only for the time spent with each file in person.

We meet:

1st session
- introductions
- map out dynamics of file
- create a list of “to do’s”
- create calendar benchmarks
- book a follow up meeting.

No consultation, no phone interviews first ..... just getting at it, no games, just truth and resolve.

Where we meet:

Whether a couple or an individual we meet where comfort is best. In my boutique studio, in your home, at a neutral location.

During COVID 19 zoom calls are possible as well.

Can’t wait to help!