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A good dog is a tired dog.

Who is Dawgg City?

Balanced Trainer and Behavioral Consultant

My name is Cheryl, I'm a dog mom to three and a mom to three boys and two extra kiddos from our blended family. I've lived in the Bay area for the past 14 years but I'm originally from the South. I've always had a close connection with dogs but I started pursuing a career working with animals 4 years ago. I worked for a wonderful company in San Francisco for the past two and a half years, earning training and knowledge of the industry. December of 2019 I decided to continue my education with balanced dog training, behavior modification, and dog behavior analysis.

During the pandemic, the company I worked for closed down for awhile and it pushed me to make the big decision to open up my own business. October 5th 2020, Dawgg City SF was officially open for business! From the moment I opened doors I've had nothing but the best clients!!
Thank you to all of my clients for putting trust in me with your dogs! I love sharing my knowledge and learning more as a trainer with every dog I encounter.

I'm so passionate about balanced dog training and thankful I can share my knowledge and help other dog owners.

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When we know better we do better.

60 minute group walk-$30

Pacifca/Daly City pick up and drop off. 2 days a week minimum, offered Monday-Thursday, morning and afternoon.

San Francisco's Presidio Walks

Monday-Friday morning small group walks. Pick up by 11 am

30 minute private walk, $35

Need a last minute walk while you are out for the day. Schedule a private walk! Or maybe your dog walks better alone, then private walks might be your thing.

Puppy socialization playgroups

Learning happens ALL THE TIME. Modeling is just one of the ways dogs learn. Our socialization playgroups give dogs a chance to learn through play and build confidence in a safe environment with a trainer. Dogs are pack animals and social learning plays a vital role in development. $35, 60 minute playgroup pick up and drop off in Pacifica/Daly City. Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Puppies are generally gone for 2 hours with pick up and drop off

Small group socialization for dogs 18+ months

Unlike puppies, adult dogs have learned behaviors from previous experiences. We carefully curate small groups focused on slowing building confidence and modifying learned behaviors. Often times we adopt adult dogs 💞 and they might need help learning how to live with other dogs and/or humans. Training healthy behaviors benefits everyone in the best quality of life. A confident dog is less likely to be aggressive! Drop offs Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. 60 minutes, $35/session.


We offer boarding in our home to training clients. Occasionally, we open our doors to new non-training clients if it is a good fit. If you are interested in boarding as a new client please give us a call to get started with an intake phone interview. We have a busy house that is well suited for intensive socialization training. We ONLY accept 1 new client a month for our 4 week board and train program.

Call me (561) 254-8375

Or email me [email protected]

There are no silly dog questions so hit me up and ask away!

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