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A good dog is a tired dog.

Who is Dawgg City?

Balanced Trainer and Behavioral Consultant

My name is Cheryl, I'm a dog mom to two and a mom to three boys and two extra kiddos from our blended family. I've lived in the Bay area for the past 17 years but I'm originally from the South. I've always had a close connection with dogs but I started pursuing a career working with animals 8 years ago. I worked for a wonderful company in San Francisco for 2 ½ years, earning training and knowledge of the industry. In December of 2019 I decided to continue my education with balanced dog training, behavior modification, and dog behavior analysis. In 2020 I became a credited behavioral consultant and balanced dog trainer. In the fall of 2020 I opened Dawgg City SF and I've had nothing but the best clients!

My goal as a behavioral trainer is to support dog owners however we (you and I) see fit. Whether you're a first time new dog owner with a puppy, or you have a foreign adopted dog or maybe even a geriatric rescue, I want to be your support to guide you in raising a confident happy dog. Everyone's situation and dog is different and my training models that. I am not one size fits all. Each training is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Ultimately, I want to help guide your dog training. Most of us get a dog for companionship and we want the same thing; good house manners, no jumping on guests, and walks should be fun!

I'm so passionate about balanced dog training and thankful I can share my knowledge and help other dog owners become the best pet parents!❤️


Private in-home dog training

Most family pet owners want the same thing. No jumping on guests, no biting, potty trained with good manners and leash walking should be FUN!

Behavioral Consultation

Required 60 minutes consultation for behavior training to determine needs and goals. Outdoor and indoor assessment for behavior. 2-3 training tips will be provided at the end of the session. A training program will be suggested if necessary, tailored individually to each client. $150

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is increasingly more common as our work life balances are constantly changing. This is a multi-series training program. Depending on the level of separation anxiety the program consists of 2- 10 training sessions (30 minute sessions) with continuous text support. Required behavioral consultation of $150 to determine the length of training program.

3 Lessons

Addresses one particular training or behavioral need with an introductory, learning and practice session. Three, 45-60 minute training sessions. I want to teach you what you need to know to become the best pet parent without spending thousands of dollars and a long time commitment.
Leash Reactivity
Leash Pulling
Excessive Barking

Puppy 101

This 3 course program covers the most important information on raising a puppy. Potty training, crate training and basic commands. You will also receive all my training tips and tricks for helping your new puppy settle well into your family. In addition you get 1 FREE private puppy socialization class, a FREE bright colored slip lead to begin work on loose leash walking, and a FREE snack pack, guaranteed to make you the leader of the pack! $450

Adjusting to Adoption

A 90-minute, private in-home training session to help you and your new dog adjust to a new life together. We cover the basics of raising a dog, adjusting to life with a rescue, and address the most common behavioral issues. We discuss goals and come up with realistic expectations for your new dog life together. I'll provide you with at least 5 tips to help bond and shape your new life together.

Set yourself up for success!

Bringing home BABY

This 2 course program is specifically designed to get you, your partner and home ready for your new baby! It is essential that we prepare our home for a new baby so let's make sure our dog is ready for a new baby too! $200

60 minute group walk-$40

Off-leash and structured pack walk-Pacifica/Daly City pick up and drop off, minimum 2 days a week. Dogs are gone for about 2 hours with drop off/ pick up.

San Francisco's Presidio Walks

Monday-Thursday morning small group walks. Pick up by 11am. $40 a walk, minimum 2 days a week.

20 minute private walk, $40

Need a last minute walk while you are out for the day. Schedule a private walk! Or maybe your dog walks better alone, then private walks might be your thing. Evenings and weekends available!

Puppy Playgroup!

Learning happens ALL THE TIME. Modeling is just one of the ways dogs learn. Our socialization playgroups give dogs a chance to learn through play and build confidence in a safe environment with a trainer. Dogs are pack animals and social learning plays a vital role in development. $45, 60 minute playgroup pick up and drop off in Pacifica/Daly City. Wednesdays, pick up between 12-1. Puppies are generally gone for 2 hours with pick up and drop off

Socialization playgroup for dogs 18+ months

Unlike puppies, adult dogs have learned behaviors from previous experiences. We carefully curate small groups focused on slowing building confidence and modifying learned behaviors. Often times we adopt adult dogs 💞 and they might need help learning how to live with other dogs and/or humans. Training healthy behaviors benefits everyone in the best quality of life. A confident dog is less likely to be aggressive! Drop off Fridays by appointment 120 minutes, $65/session.


We offer boarding in our home to training clients. Occasionally, we open our doors to new non-training clients if it is a good fit. If you are interested in boarding as a new client please give us a call to get started with an intake phone interview. We have a busy house that is well suited for intensive socialization training. We ONLY accept 1 new client a month for our 4 week board and train program.

Boarding Rates

Board with a trainer


Check in and Check out is 12 Noon

$85/ night. Late checkout is 12-5 (playcare)
$65. After 5pm it is a full night's charge.
$135/night for puppies not potty trained


Early morning drop-off with notification



Holiday Rates, $125/ night

January 1
July 3/4
November-Thanksgiving Wed, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
December 22- 31


2 week- Board and Train Program for PUPPIES

If you need an intensive socialization and training program, this might be for you. Your dog will live with us, in our home with our family. 2x day training sessions, plus intensive structure and daily socialization activities and playgroups. Your dog will come home, crate trained, know commands, sit and stay, walk on leash, and have good healthy habits, like waiting at the door and not jumping. $$$ Call for price
Includes two, 60 minutes training sessions with your family to learn what we have taught over the 2 weeks so you can successfully continue your training at home.

My favorite dog things! —

Toys, treats, leashes and more. My favorite doggie things!

Slip leashes

I recommend a 4' or 6' foot leash

Biothane lead

These leads are the best! Flexible, bright colors, easy to wash and keep clean. They come in various sizes, I prefer the 4 foot leash.


Training Treats

Keep training treats, bite size and low calorie. These Charlie Bear crunch treats are one of our favorites!

Perfect training treats

I have found these to be the best training treats on the market. They are shaped like the letter "B" so each treats easily can break into two. These treats are moist but not waxy, they stay together and don't end up a crumbly mess in your snack bag.


Puzzle Bowl

Highly recommend a puzzle bowl if your dog is inhaling their food. A puzzle bowl slows down their eating and adds more time for them to enjoy their meals.


Bark Box subscription

Once a month delivery of chews, treats and new toys. You can customize your box depending on the size of your dog and you can always add more goodies to your delivery if you want. Our dog's love when their barkbox arrives each month!


Interactive toys

Interactive dogs toys stimulate your dog's mind which is so important! Engaging and learning to figure out a challenge builds their confidence. A confident dog is a happy dog!


Sniff Matt

Sniff mats are fantastic for puppies and older dogs. Using a sniff mat adds a lot of play and engagement to mealtime. Now dinner takes 20 minutes to eat instead of 3.


"Wood" chew stick

My dog's love the hard plastic "wood" sticks. These are fantastic for the super chewer.


Call me (561) 254-8375

Or email me dawggcitysf@gmail.com

There are no silly dog questions so hit me up and ask away!

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An ounce of prevention can help keep dogs out of shelters and lower euthanasia rates!

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