Dawson Yoon

"Lady of the silver moon, Enchantress of the night."

Name: Dawson Yoon
Age: 22 Years old
D.O.B: March 16th ( Pisces )
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 132 lbs
Blood Type: B
Sexuality: Bisexual ( Female Leaning )
Class: Chungin Mistress
Race: Wiccan
Slaves: None
Relationship Status: Single
SNS: @LadyDawn
Residence: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Black / Brown Often , Changes Occasionally
Tattoos: None Currently
Piercings: Both ears; Navel
Aesthetic: Classy, Pastel
Family: Steven Yoon ( Father ), Mother ( Unknown ), Claire Yoon ( Step-Mother ), Sophia Yoon ( Half-Sister ), Amber Yoon ( Half-Sister ), Diana Yoon ( Half-Sister )
Occupation: Potion Maker for the kingdom of Zehava
Specialties: Healing, Spells, Potions, Teleportation

Secondary Information

-Women from the Yoon family are known for their beauty and fashion sense.
- Major skills are Potion Making. The Yoon sisters are known for the best Potions, however they are exclusively for the people of there kingdom.
-She is very picky in bed. If your not about her and fulfilling her wishes then she will refuse your services. She is always in charge.
-Dawson is from a kingdom known as Zahava Kingdom. She is one of Four Princesses.
-She is a kind Mistress, she simply has standards. Be expected to meet them if you wish to be hers.
-Lady Dawson. Only call her Lady Dawson unless informed otherwise.
-She finds a slave whom is soft spoken and shy more intriguing, the thought of a soft baby to play with and teach to please her excites her. She will often look for this kind of slave first.

My Top Picks


-Soft Boys
-Shy Girls
-Being Worshipped
-Candle Scents
-Her Sister


-Things Being Dirty
-Being Told What To Do
-Horror Movies
-Abusive People
-Discussing Her Personal Affairs
-Being Teased


-Rough Sex
-Public Sex


"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places."

Kingdom of Zehava:

With a powerful leader like Steven Yoon and a wife who is admired and respected by many leaders and their people, it is not a surprise that the kingdom of Zehava is a prosperous one. The monarchy and their people work as one and are undoubtedly united together with a vision to continue the growth in agriculture, military, economy and build and alliance with neighbouring empires and kingdom.

The kingdom of Zehava has been blessed by the God of harvest and agriculture due to the unity of witches and warlocks’ prayers every year during the first night of Spring. Their land is full of flourishing fruits, vegetable and rare ingredients. More than 70% of fruits and vegetables found in the market are from the kingdom of Zehava.

Since the majority of the residence of the Kingdom of Zehava are warlocks and witches, magic is presented everywhere and anywhere. It is also a known fact that the most powerful warlocks and witches across all realms reside in the Kingdom of Zehava as it is a sacred land for them. Their military defences remain unknown to everyone, and one should never look down on the Kingdom of Zehava as their leaders are capable of eradicating an entire nation just by speaking a few words. They are also known for being capable of summoning dark entities, opening the gate of hell and other forces to help them when needed be.



Dawson was the product of an affair. Her father, a prosperous King by the name of Steven Yoon, had an affair with her mother, a woman she'd never met. Her mother died shortly after her birth, causing Steven to take the girl in. His wife, Claire Yoon was not the happiest when she'd found out about her husbands actions, let alone a child she did not bare. Claire was a beautiful and respected queen. She cared deeply about her Kingdom but that did not mean she was happy about the child. The women of the Yoon family simply tolerated the child. She was the youngest of four girls. The two oldest sisters sided with their mother. They weren't happy about the child but Diana, the third child to the Yoon's became close to Dawson. Similar in age the two became quite close as they grew older. The sisters would often practice spells and mix potions together, later becoming very skilled in the craft. Their potions are often sought after for there skill and success rate.

Dawson was close to her father, even if her step-mother was weary, her father often taught her his secrets. She always thought it was to make her feel more welcomed in the Kingdom. The people never knew of her becoming, fearing they'd look down on her, she chose to hide her mother's existence. She would often be found playing in the town along with the towns people.



As Dawson grew older, she grew into her body with long black hair, a signature feature of the Yoon women. She was beautiful with fair skin and curves. Her lips were plump and stained red, as if she was kissed by the devil himself. None the less she was caring and strong, growing into a strong minded independent woman. She knew exactly what she wanted when she wanted it. She wasn't a snob, she simply has standards.

Being one of four Heirs, she strayed away from the thrown,, feeling as though she never was rightfully part of it. She simply enjoyed the kingdom and it's people, finding it more comforting to be in the town. Shortly after she reached adulthood, she and Diana ran off from the kingdom, exploring the realms and kingdoms outside of the land. They will always be able to return home, but for now, the world is hers and she will see every part of it.