Wondering how to get clients? Not sure how to show up on IG? Want to launch a specific product? Feeling so alone on this entrepreneurial journey? Or need advice on how to not get your feelings hurt when your client doesn’t *immediately* flip for your first draft? I got you! 💕⚡️
As creatives, we need a safe space to bounce ideas around. With this program, I’ll teach you logistics and give you resources, that’s a given. There will even be the opportunities for work critiques. But the true value in this program is the SUPPORT. Think of me as your #1 cheerleader who will also push you towards your inevitable greatness with lots and lots of love. 💖

✨Dreamers Do ✨is a tailor made program! Each session will be based on your goals and exactly what you need support in. Which is why the first week we will go over objectives, goals and cover best practices for business and mindset and evaluate where you are at!

Over the course of the time together you are free to ask me any questions. There will be no cap on the amount of advice and planning we will do for your business. This might mean specific tools, ways to grow, how to show up online in a way that feels good for you, or marketing brain storm sessions or emotional support. The list really endless! 🌈

Goodies prior to beginning our first session:
- Questionnaire (Let me get to know you!)
- Journal Prompts 
- Content Creation Idea List
- Best Practice Checklist


- 4 weeks of 1:1 Coaching Sessions 📞
60 minute sessions. First Call 90 mins.
Via Zoom. Your first session is where we will talk about your goals and expectations for the upcoming weeks! I want to get to know you and hear where your heart is at and what you’re dreaming about doing and where you feel you are getting tripped up or stuck, We will cover what you are already doing and where you want to improve and go through the checklist of best practices to evaluate where you’re at. We’ll go through your specific preferences and the information from questionnaire. We’ll start creating an outline for a plan of what we want to do in the next month and beyond.

- Voxer Access to Me
Any questions you may have throughout the time between our calls. I will answer you within 24 hours of a message sent.

- Your Packet of Personalized information to refer back to.
Based on your questionnaire that you send to me prior to beginning the program. I am a big believer in knowing who you are and playing to your strengths, the more we know about ourselves the better we are at creating a business that feels really good to us! 🥰

2 SPOTS AVAILABLE 07.07.2020
If you’re ready to sign up, DM me to receive your link for your onboarding paperwork! 🧡

Set up a 15 min consultation call with me to talk about if ✨Dreamers Do✨ might be a good fit for you!

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