Daynalene Edilette —

I am made out of sparkles, I shimmer and shine in a unique way that leaves little sparkle trails along my journey✨

I am an Intelligent/spontaneous women who craves stability. This didn’t happen over night. However, reaching “rock bottom” does exist. The difference between my story and probably your story, is that each and everyone of us has their own limit. That doesn’t mean we should limit our opportunities with dead bodies on our shoulders. I had to realize that the world we live in isn’t so great, what makes it great are people like us. Who have a story to tell. If you’re reading this, you have came across a SPARK in your life.

“Only the Strong Survive” was a quote I ran with since I was 15 years old when I decided to become independent not knowing the consequences in becoming a young adult. If I’d told you guys I probably wouldn’t be here writing this today, you would wonder “how come?” ... when you’re lacking self love and self care, you don’t realize the abandonment you are giving to your soul and mind. Those sparkles in me kept me alive, always smiling and finding my path! It took me three different states to analyze what I wanted for my future. After joining Monat I’ve been able to engage with my myself and my daughter due to the drastic changes and I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity. I feel truly blessed. It’s time to SHINE, who is with me in this sparking journey my ladies!?