Morning routine

Best morning routine

Did you know that motivation is something you can easily switch on?

Adopt this morning routine and you will never have problem with motivation.

Morning sets the tone for the whole day.

First let’s define motivation, it is the condition of being eager to act or work. It is so simple and yet we have such a problem with motivation, like it’s some special skill only accessible to rare people.

So how do we find motivation, how do we become excited about work?

We need a right state of mind and body, a good morning routine that will send us ready and eager to tackle our business and do all we need to do that day.

Wake up on time

Make a habit to wake up every morning at least 2 hours before leaving the house or starting to work.
This will give you enough time for all morning rituals that will send a message to your mind that it is time to warm up the engines and get to work.
Morning should be time of mental and physical preparation for the day.
Making a habit of early waking up will have a big impact on your productivity.


Light sends signals to your body that is morning and it is time to wake up. Turn on the lights if sun is not up yet and start with your morning routine.


Drinking enough water must be part of your morning routine. After whole night without water our body is dehydrated and most important thing in the morning is to drink enough water to recover.
You feel bad in the morning? These are the symptoms of mild dehydration:

- dizziness
- headache
- tiredness
- dry mouth, lips and eyes.

Sounds familiar? No wonder you lack motivation. Make a habit of drinking 2-4 glasses of water first thing after getting out of bed and see how your body will improve.

If you really have difficulty drinking plain water, try making flavoured detox water, it is tasty and healthy way of staying hydrated.

Activate body

Light workout is a great habit to incorporate in your morning routine.
During sleep your body doesn’t move much and it can feel heavy and numb.
Short workout improves circulation, activates body and brain, boosts metabolism and releases endorphins(feel good hormones).
If you don’t have habit of exercising do at least light stretches or 30 seconds running in place or jumping jacks.
Anything to move that body little bit will do the trick.
It is very important to warm up body early in the morning and send fresh blood to brain, you will be amazed how much your concentration will improve.

Morning notes

As much as it’s important to activate body it is even more important to activate brain. Most of us have a habit of starting the day by reading and importing new information in the brain and that makes it (brain) a little bit lazy.
Instead of reading try writing your own thoughts.
Make it a 15-minute morning routine. Write all your thoughts and feelings, write whatever is on your mind, good or bad, on a piece of paper.
Point is to release your mind so it is unburdened.
And don’t worry what you will write or how it will look, it doesn’t matter you will throw away that paper anyway.
Look at it this way, you are not writing a masterpiece, you are just cleansing your mind.
There are so many benefits of writing morning thoughts.
It activates your brain, brings your thoughts in order, clears your mind and boosts motivation.
It’s easier to focus on what is ahead of us when we release what is behind us.

Eat the breakfast

You must fuel your body and mind for them to be in top form.
No excuses, your habit must be to eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast every morning. Improvements you will feel and see will amaze you.
You will have much more energy and your brain will work better than ever.
If you need more convincing read why you should never skip breakfast.
For example eggs are a great breakfast choice and here are some very tasty recipes that can be done in 15 minutes, perfect for quick healthy and filling breakfast.
Or if you are more of a sweet type try these oat snacks full of healthy nutrients to give you energy for the day.

Quick talk

Find your morning positive thoughts and say them to yourself. Even if you don’t believe in power of positive thoughts or affirmations do them anyway, if nothing your confidence and mood will improve.

Have a habit of saying your sentences before you leave the house.

For example you can say something like this:

˝I am intelligent, creative and competent person. Today I will do my best and it will be enough.˝

It gives you confidence to deal with hard tasks and it reminds you to cool down with perfectionism, no one is perfect and in my experience chasing perfection kills productivity.

˝Better done than perfect.˝

Blend this morning routine with your usual morning activities and feel your motivation increasing day after day.

If you wake up feeling agitated, irritated or anxious try this 3 minute practice to relax and feel happy.

And remember your future is created by what you do today not tomorrow.