About Me ↴

Radiate positivity

Hey, I’m Katharine! I’m 27, living a life full of positivity, kindness, hard work, palm trees, and sunshine.

I recently moved to South Florida because I wanted to grow. I wanted to embrace change, take new obstacles head on, and become the best version of myself. I believe we all deserve happiness. Real, raw, utter happiness. The kind you get from working hard on yourself every single day that even the smallest thing, makes you beam with pride.

A majority of my happiness comes from helping others. Helping people feel good about themselves both inside and out. Feeling good about yourself isn’t just about what you see in the mirror, it’s your mindset. Your mindset determines who/what you see in the mirror and how you love yourself. Before I made that change, I would look in the mirror and be negative towards who I saw. I would speak down to her and overall be very unkind to her. One day it clicked. I knew I needed to change my mindset entirely or else I would continue to be unhappy. I quickly realized self care was a huge part of this process. Throughout all changes in life, whether it’s physical or mental, you have to take care of yourself. It can be reading your favorite book, cooking dinner, a bubble bath, a face mask, or going for a walk.

So, if I can help people find that inner self love and happiness by showing how I utilize self care? Then I consider that a job well done ♡