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Coloring Tutorial (Android) ::

First go to Alight Motion, add your video and duplicate the video, we will lower the opacity to 56 for the second layer, we will put the effect :: Blur Guassiano and we will put it at 280. Then we will put the "difference" filter! Then we will put a box and fill the screen, then we will paint it white and duplicate it. The first one we put the "contrast" filter and the second layer we put "contrast" and we lower the opacity to 60 and ready, we have the ultralight effect on Android!

Now we go to Prequel and add our video. Then we put all shadows on and then export. Now we are going to put our video back and put these settings on it:
-Exposure :: 50
-Contrast :: -20
-Highlights :: 50
-Shadows :: 100
Now we go to filters, we put the one called "Miami", we lower the entire filter and the difuminate part, we put it at 20, no more, no less. Then we go to effects and we put the one called "Split", we lower the entire filter and we put the disspersion at 20, no more and no less and export the video.

Ok, almost done, we put the video again, we go to filters and we put "Teal" at 100%, then we go to effects and we put "Diamond" and we put the following settings ::
-Intensity: 100
-Scale: 2 (no more and no less)
-Rotation: 100 or 0, you decide
-Disperssion: 0

Now we go to Vont and add the theme you have. Finally we add "coogee" in Colortune and then we set the shadows to 100 and you are done!! <3