Welcome, Captain!

Happy another 14th 🖤

Thank you for another day back then we spent together. There must be a time when the sparks fade away, but thank you for not giving up and not let those sparks faded even more.

I was wondering how was our first met backthen by writing this. Is it okay if I bring you back? If its not, you just can go to the bottom of this page lol.
Actually its a pretty date to remember, its 201220 when we decide to join a label squad. At one fine day, I just prettily make some fun in the group chat which make a chaos. Everyone just believe in a rumor of "us" even we just know each other maybe 2 or 3 days after that day. We are even chats in the group chat which made by the base and our maknae, not in a personal chat lol.
Backthen when my birthday will come, I still remember you decide to take some hiatus to bring the mood back, i guess. At some days before, you said you would give me a birthday gift at my birthday. I dont think that kind of words would impact me that much cause everyone seems will give me a birthday gift too lol. But surprisingly, what I feel is not quite right cause you just came at 29 even my birthday is on 30. I just feel like "ah this guy really keep his words" and the great thing is I really happy when I ask you "Its not my birthday yet but why you already here?" you answer it with like you dont have any reason cause you were promised me. Thats a good day to remember, at least for me. Thanks for the box of chocolate and the bear, anyway.
On the next day and after, we always talk and share everything like an old friend. Those things not completly lost on my mind cause everything is memorable one for me.

Those happy things are come and go, right? Some days after, you speak about the truth which I knew you'll say it cause I heard some short story from a friend. I dont know how I feel backthen, honestly. Its not make me happy but not sad as well, like.. theres something missing but I still can fill it with my own way, yeah I would say it like that.

And maybe a month after(?) you comeback by sending me a cute menfess and we really talks a lot. like. a. lot. till that day you send me a hundred or maybe a hundred and fifty pieces of puzzle to solve on a Valentine day, what a great day to make my heads off, right? Not just my head actually, my heart as well.

Have a nostalgic moment with you is something I really love to do these days. Remember the day you treat me, backthen doesn't have so much different compared now. I just miss some point of those beautiful memory I didn't have now a days from you but I feel that might be a proccess you want to lift up or else, its okay. The more I think about how wonderful we are, the more I think about how we try to fits each other, that things just makes me cry, makes me missing you, missing everything about you, missing your warmness, missing your sweet talk, missing your jokes, missing your laugh, missing your story about your fine or your worst day or just your nervoussness, missing your habit for making me annoyed or grump, missing your hug, missing your kisses, I even missing you more while I write this not so important words for you to read.

Deeply apologize for not being your perfect fits type of girlfriend, for being so childish and clingy all the time, for not be able listening and understanding, for not be able to show whats on my mind, for hurt your heart, for hurt your pride and even for hurt your self. Thank you so much, for the love and everything you've done for me.
I love you over the moon.

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