Dear Silver,

I thank the heavens for having you

Hey, baby. Welcome to our very own mushy space, made to remind you of how much I love you and how whipped I am for you. I hope that this insta website can make you smile everytime you go back here. I love you so much, love. This, this is for you.

(Note: This website will be updated everytime. It may be on every monthsary or whenever I feel like adding something to it.)

Created on: 09•22•20
Last Edited: 10•22•20

Where it all began

June 25, 2020

It all began the day you decided to message me. You knew I'd dig that, you definitely had a game plan. Kidding aside, that's where it all started. We've gone through this story over and over and we always found ourselves laughing as we tell each other what it felt like back then where none of us knew that we'd be together until this day.

I don't have a clue as to why you've messaged me that day since we have little to no interactions yet but we clicked easily. We exchanged compliments until we were comfortable with each other that we started to tease one another.

Until later that day, you decided to confess to me and told me you were the one who sent those two entries in the files. I was not expecting that. I didn't even know how to react, I just said thank you. We still continued to talk, although I was thinking that maybe it'll start to be awkward but no, that never happened.

We talked almost everyday and I started to notice you were always on the top of my inbox. I paid no attention to your moves and banats back then. It was just funny or plain to me, I'd just laugh it off. You know this very well, that I wasn't planning on returning your affection. I have no plans on entering in a relationship and I just wanted to keep you as a friend because you're really a great company.

More weeks have passed until we told each other more about ourselves, including our past that made you speechless. That was a really funny night. Who knew that the universe would bring us together?

I'm such a clown, and you were too. I told myself that it was impossible for me to fall in love since you had no effect on me since the beginning. Little did I know you were slowly working your magic on me as the time passes by. I was starting to anticipate your messages, there was excitement within me whenever I open my inbox and I'd see your name on top. That happiness that I've felt whenever you wanted to play or watch with me. And that I've started to feel that mushy feeling whenever I know that I'm the one you were referring to in one of your posts. I get butterflies in my stomach whenever your friends uses my name to tease you. Then I started being interested at you, paying more attention to those little details while we talk, finding almost every of your gesture cute. It was a total parkour.

July 11th came, when I've finally concluded in myself and that I can't deny it anymore, I was in love with you already. And after a few days more I asked and began to court you until July 22nd came and since that, I was the happiest person ever. We always tell these things to one another, finding ourselves being mushy out of nowhere but I won't get tired of telling you how I feel about you and about us every time. I love you so much. You were once just an unexpected guest knocking on my door but now, you're already a big part of my life. Thank you for everything, baby. Cheers to more bondings and memories we'll create, more mushy moments, more dates, more funny moments with you. Thank you for making this star shine so bright ever since you came. I love you so much.

Dear Silver

A thread

Things you do that makes me mushy and makes me the luckiest boyfriend.


You appreciate me so much. Like, the things in me that most people miss out but you don't. Ever since you've confessed to me, telling me that I'm cool and funny and all. You've been giving me compliments since day 1, mahal, and that, that means a lot to me.


The fact that you trust me with your whole heart and opening up to me from time to time. You know how much that means to me. It also makes me think that you're comfortable around me and you're letting me take care of you without any doubts. I won't fail you, I promise.


Whenever you tell me that you want to do things with me. May it be our babe time or watching a movie/series/anime, or playing or reading or just simply wanting to match dps with me and such, it always melts me. You always make me feel loved, I swear. You want to be with me in everything you do and I really love that. Cling to me 24/7. Yes, I won't mind.


Your pieces that you've dedicated for me. Tell me, who wouldn't feel so loved and lucky when your lover dedicate things for you. You're really a great writer and a lot of roleplayers are your readers who look up to you and is a fan of your works. And you making a special piece only for me?? Damn. I'm the luckiest. Plus the songs that you dedicate for me too. I'm just soft.


Do you know how much I'm melting when you show me how much excited you are talking to me, it melts me always. Your squeals and those argh, those cute gifs and emojis. You always make me soft. Such a cutie.


Flexing me to your friends, on your wall, on groups, and in your stories. I feel so honored and kilig and and just mushy all in all. Not all can be featured on your posts and such but I'm in most of them. :((


Whenever you become mushy, I become mushy too. You know that, it's a domino effect on me. I really love that sometimes you just send me a mushy message unexpectedly and that melts me instantly :(((. Your sweet and mushy messages and sometimes long messages hits my soft spot immediately. Do you know that I kept rereading them whenever I have time?  So soft, so soft.


The fact that you're willing to learn or explore new things just because they're my interests like wanting to learn and play pubg or that time when you watched treasure's mv with me. Sobs.


The way you care and look out for me in your own little ways melts me too. Being worried over a small thing for me, aigoo. Really cute.


The way you tell me that you're mine and mine alone and the fact that you always tell me that. You're one of the few things that I don't like to share with other people and you always reassure me that you're mine. I love you so much.