Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

Hi everyone!
My name is Debby, I’m 27 years old. I’m from Puerto Rico, but I live in Tampa, FL. I currently work at a retail location as an Assistant Manager. I have two fur babies, Mia & Chase. I love to travel, go on adventures and do anything that challenges my fears.

In December 31,2019 I made a decision. A decision to commit, to better myself and my life. I was struggling financially and living what you would say “paycheck to paycheck.” Although I have always been grateful for my job, I knew that I was meant to do more. I knew I wanted to help others and create an impact. My financial situation forced me to make a decision & I had no idea it would bring everything I needed, was looking for an so much more. I partnered with the #1 luxury hair care company in the world and have been changing lives by sharing products I love and use and mentoring others how they can do the same. If you’re here reading this, it’s because you’re either looking to upgrade your hair/skin/wellness routine or you’re here because you’re ready to make a change in your life, gains financial and time freedom. Either way, we should talk!
I’d love to help you!