Hey there! I’m Debi

You might know me as a friend, a marketer, or a
realtor. I'm also an
entertainer, decorator, marketing communications girl at heart, and
mom of 2 amazing young men. I'm curvy-fit, enjoy rowing classes, and
using Amazon everything.

I'm most proud of the work I've done to help people. Highlights of my
career are from my time in either philanthropic programs or strategic
partnerships. Did you know I worked on the Olympics, World Cup Soccer,
the World Music Awards; partnerships with VW, MegaBlocks, and more? I
am a total mix of creative and analytical.

Recently I was selected as an Amazon Influencer... so check out my page
for product recommendations or let me know if you are looking for some
sort of a needle in a haystack - on Amazon or not... I just might be
able to help.

Alexa, tell everyone "I love shopping!”

My personal style is preppy, bougie, boho-chic.
Leopard Print - check,
Pink - check,
Champagne - check.

I like to say "I'm Southern on the Inside" because manners matter, family & friends are the most important, vacations bring me joy, tradition is key, hopeful romantic - looking for my prince, and ... you'll def. get more bees with honey. True crime and British tv obsessed- I mean OBSESSED!!

To see some of my favorite things, or get tips on real estate, entertaining, and more come back again & often or ping me. I'd be delighted to hear from you.