Debra Dasaro

Heart & Hustle with a side of Magic💫💫💫

Hi there!! My name is Debra Dasaro and I live in beautiful NEW JERSEY! Assisting others has always been what brings my heart the most joy and it has been truly my life purpose to guide people to their BEST LIFE ... Body Mind & Spirit !!

I am a mom to a gorgeous daughter and a grandma to two boys 3 and 11 years old ... my husband became my angel in 2015 and even more since then I have learned and grown to understand how important every second of our life is and that each of us ... no matter who or where you are ....DESERVE to live the life of their dreams. 💫💫💫💫

I am a spiritual intuitive counselor ... law of attraction practitioner .... angel worker and a KICK ASS Network Marketer too!!!

I utilize my gifts of intuition ... energy and all things “magical” in my business and team with the best Biotech Health and Wellness company ever!!!

Don’t let the woowoo fool you ... I know how to drive results in business in a very practical way but it’s always good to have alittle help from the Universe...... no? 😉😉😉

If you are looking for something ....yes ...that something that could transform your LIFE including your finances ... your health .....your mind .... and AWAKEN the potential within you to create the life of your dreams .... fill out my form and tell me about yourself!!!!!

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