De Bush van Zita

My name is Zita. And I like to see myself as a nerdy plant lady that likes to decorate interiors with the prettiest greens.

The past year I’ve been recovering from a nasty burnout. One thing I discovered about myself was that I found my calm from keeping busy with my plants. All of a sudden I was reading about plants, watching videos about plants, buying plants (like a lot) and making pictures of.. well plants. And my dog.

That’s where the idea to start a tiny business with my passion came from. And I am very happy to share it with you now!

Call/Whatsapp me: +316 83989226
E-mail me: zita@schimmelpenninck.com

My work

How I can help you make your restaurant/cafe/shop/home-interior look pretty

There will be different ways for me to help you decorate your interior.
Regardless of your choice, I am happy to visit your place and see what I can do for you and hear your wishes regarding plants, decor or anything. Maybe we can already make a plan together.
This visit would be non-commital and open-ended. So, no strings attached :).

Fix me up with the greens!

I will make sure I can get you the prettiest and healthiest plants, the best quality accessories and anything you need me to hook you up with. Depending on the size of your place, I’ll need a day or two to finish the job.
Two weeks later, I’ll pay you another visit to see how the plants are doing and maybe moving them to a better suited spot, then to give you the care-advice you need and to see if there is anything else you need help with.

Result: you’ve got the prettiest greens and know exactly how to take care of the products you’ve received!