Get to know ME

Just the beginning💫

Hey guys, so if you're on this page it probably means you've seen my IG (deegot_theejuicee) , FaceBook (Danaka Hickey), or my Snapchat (deesobright). First off I want to thank you for your support with me on this new journey! I decided to join this company because I initially was just looking for ways to make money online and from home. When I finally signed up and got to see how this community of entrepreneurs came together and supported one another made me that much more interested. Not only that, the product is amazing! I'm not even saying this for advertising or promoting but this product has shown me results I didnt know were possible. I've had psoriasis all of my life, and especially directly in the front of my hairline in my scalp, and on my elbows. The fact that I even saw results with something that wasnt prescribed was amazing to me, and made me want to promote it that much more. I joined to do something different and take a chance on something, and it actually works! Not only am I expanding my knowledge within the internet but I'm making friends, female friends that are motivated to get it on their own! I wouldnt have done anything different. The only different thing I'm doing now is trying to influence you on the positive outcome this company can have on you in so many different ways ! So thanks for taking the time to get to know me & welcome! Let's get it together!