Deepak Kumar

Founder & CEO Deepkhushi Online Shopping App

Hello friends my name is Deepak Kumar. I am from Bihar, District- Samastipur, Post Office- Dalsinghsarai, Village- Kamrawan. Today I am going to tell all the things of my life. How did I start my company till where I have studied. Today I will tell all the things to you guys.
When I was 9 years old, I used to study under my brother's coaching. I studied in my brother's coaching center, for 6 years I studied in my brother's coaching only. When I turned 15, my elder brother got me admitted in private schools. I got admission in class 1, I studied cable till the third class because the school fee there was high, and we were poor, where did we get the money from where my brother was running home. And my father didn't work. In the same way, I studied till the third class, and then my elder brother got married and he got my name removed from the schools, and he said that I am going to Delhi, I will take you too and teach there, I went to Delhi, But my brother and father said that now you have grown up, do business. I did not understand that I have come to study, these people are asking me to work. I refused to work, then he took me for admission in government schools but there was no admission, because my I did not have a certificate, I had studied till the third class, from there I did not get the certificate. So my admission could not happen, I felt very bad when I started forcibly doing work. I started working as a security guard in Delhi.
I took a smartphone with work money. And I used to come from work and play games, and watch videos on YouTube. One day I saw a video of a boy on YouTube that he used to make mobile apps when he was only 15 years old. And he formed the company. I got a lot of motivation by watching that video. I thought I would also make mobile apps and I learned how to make mobile apps from Google and YouTube. I learned how to coding in mobile but I wanted a laptop. A couple of years passed. I told elder brother and father that I want laptop, which I earn money, I will take it from that money. He said okay. And man took the laptop and whatever I had learned I started making mobile apps on the laptop. I started making educational apps and till now I have made 15 to 20 apps.
Which is for both the students studying Hindi and the students studying English. That's how I started making apps. One day I saw news on Google in which it was written that a 15 year old boy has started a startup. I thought I would start startup too. I did a lot of research on how to start a company. I started coding and made an online shopping app. The app was made but there was no money. Because I did not work, I had come to my village.
I went to Delhi again and the security guard started working. With the money that used to come, I made the brand of my marketing company, which you guys are seeing now.