Hi there!

I’m Arianna

I am passionate about growth + freedom and helping other women experience the same!

So what does this have to do with shampoo!? Why do I sell it?!

Because it’s more than just shampoo...

I love the products & the transformation they’ve brought. I love the heart of this company and I am on a gratitude + growth mission.

Gratitude + Freedom:

I am thankful for being able to restore what was once broken on the inside & the outside but I want to help others do the same. I want to help those who battled depression and anxiety and it resulted in hair loss to be able to restore that. I want to help those who feel stuck in their current circumstance to get unstuck with this opportunity. I wanna help those who were told that they wouldn’t succeed.

Being restored from the inside out has freed me of so much. I’m more confident in who I am than what others say that I’m not. I live off of faith instead of fear... and I didn’t used to know what that was like.

We also as a company have a gratitude organization where we partner with organizations like Compassion International to make a difference in the world + do work for the Kingdom. So that brings me to my next point,


Through this journey, I've been growing. On the inside & outside, you guessed it. Not only just my hair growing but who I am as a person as well.

Growing in my relationship with the Lord. Establishing who I am in who God says I am rather than what others may say. And growing by helping others embrace this as well. Serving Gods people by mentoring women & being a light of encouragement in their life.

My heart is for those who feel unheard or unseen.

My heart is for those who feel like there is no more hope.

My heart is for those who desire time or financial freedom.

My heart is for those who want something more!

It's more than just selling shampoo.

I'm on a gratitude, growth & freedom mission.

You ready to join the mission & experience your why?