Meet Sea

Your Intuitive Tarot Guide

The answers are within you.
The tarot is the mirror that reflects your inner knowing.
I act as the translator. I channel intuitive information into practical actions so you can create your dream life - today.
You are the only one who has the key to transform your life.
It took me a long time to realize that - and a lot of searching, studying and seeking for that one person to give me the magic button.
Five years ago, I found Tarot. Seeing my innermost desires and answers reflected in the cards helped me to start trusting my intuition.
Once I started trusting myself, my whole life changed - I stopped being so indecisive. I finally found my passion and the courage to pursue it. I chose a lifestyle that nourishes my soul rather than following a cookie-cutter path.
Now that I know what's possible when you listen to your truth, I am passionate about sharing it with the world.
I created Deep Sea Tarot for those times when you feel like the pressure of the weight of the world is too much. Completely submerged, you're unsure of which way is up and which is down.
All you need is a compass or the north star, and to take the wheel of your journey.

Offerings from my Heart —

Dive into your intuition

Tarot provides us with a way to ask direct questions about our lives and discover the answers lying dormant within us.
These spreads are curated to dive beneath the surface and acknowledge what wants to float up from the shadows.


The Horizons Spread brings clarity around what you are experiencing and what may be happening beneath the surface. This short and sweet spread is relevant to all of life's challenges. This reading will put you back in your power so you can act from autonomy and authenticity.

Find clarity

Deep Sea Spread

The Deep Sea spread is for those who are brave enough to dive deeper, those who understand that the subliminal makes up the majority of our existence. This 6 card reading will acknowledge your perceptions, illuminate any shadows and stories rising to the surface and guide you to embrace your totality, release what doesn't serve you, and bring awareness around your expansion.

Immerse yourself

Custom Spread

Tarot allows us to be our own channel to Spirit.
This completely personalized experience will empower you to get clear on your questions, understand your situation and take action based on your own intuition.
You will receive your own unique spread to use any time as well as an in depth reading with me!

Choose you

Deep Sea Dive

My signature offering, the Deep Sea Dive, is getting ready to be birthed into the world!
This four-week immersive experience will be offered twice a year. Each journey will have a different theme we will be driving into to cultivate true transformation.
You will receive three one-on-one readings with me, as well as journal prompts, action steps, group support, and more!
I can't wait to dive in with you!

Dive Deep

Testimonials  —

Medicine stories from my clients

I believe you are capable of creating the life of your dreams.
I am here to guide you on a journey within that will bring you tools, resources, and action steps to bring your vision to life.
Here are a few examples of what's possible when you dive in with me!





The answers are within you

Ready to dive in and take the wheel of your life?