Summer Piano & Art Lessons

Camp style lessons. Every day, 5 days/week for 1-6 weeks

Camp-style lessons allow new students to try out the program and current students to stay in touch with their instrument (that being a piano or a pencil) without the pressure of daily practice.

Students are making music or art each day, but with no at home assignments, allowing them freedom to enjoy their summer in other ways.

Summer lessons often focus on particular project. Piano students work on composing a song while art students work toward a final drawing or painting.

Daily lessons are a great way to start building a habit of daily practice in art and/or music. Thus is especially great for new students who are unaccustomed to a daily practice habit.

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Private piano lessons for the well-rounded creative.


We use song composition and musical games as an an engaging and important tool for creativity and understanding music theory concepts.

We introduce improvisation, chord progressions, pop, jazz, classical and new age music.

In-home lessons available for local students in Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton and surrounding areas. Especially great for very young students (4-5yrs) and those with no musical background.

Online lessons allow everyone to be “local”! Lessons will take place over zoom and will also include compositional and musical games.

End of year recitals allow students to showcase their abilities, while gaining confidence and having fun! Online students will also join in the fun with an online recital!

Tuition is paid through simple, monthly, equal instalments.
Weekly 60 min lessons are $226 per month + $104 registration fee.
There are more lesson lengths and options on the registration form.

Fees are all-inclusive. They include all student music books, theory books, sheet music, apps and games throughout the year. It also includes the end-of-year recital!

DM for inquiries. Registration will open in June.


Learn to draw and paint (because natural talent is a myth)


Drawing and painting are learned skills just like any other. The idea of natural talent is of little consequence, if not completely non-existent. Continued practice is all it takes!

Our art program involves various drawing and painting assignments that take students through the art-making process, from brainstorming to final. Each assignment focus on different elements or principles of design, or drawing or painting techniques, as well always encouraging creativity. Each art piece is your own, no one else’s.

Sketchbook prompts will be provided, as well as visual journalling to encourage consistent practice and more free-form expression.

Although art is meant to express our own, thoughts and emotions, foundational skills and technique allow for a better means to express those ideas.

Our in-person lessons provide private (or partner) instruction to local students in Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton and surrounding area in the comfort of their own home.

Our online lessons are available to anyone around the world. Students virtually join me in my studio as we paint and draw together. An easel cam and a face cam allows for maximal immersion.

Lessons are once per week for 60min. Tuition is divided evenly across 10 months for easy equal payments.

Students may use their own art supplies, or art supplies can be provided for a fee.

DM for inquiries.


Question Everything: A Discussion of Philosophical Ideas


Students will learn to “question everything” through the discussion of prominent philosophical theories in order to better understand the world and themselves.

Each week we will learn about a different philosophical theory or concept from the perspective of various Western philosophers. We will then have a lengthy discussion on the topic, allowing everyone a chance to provide their point of view.

We will practice the importance of articulation; language, word choice, specificity and intentionality are important in expressing precisely what is intended. This is not only valuable for philosophical debate, but also for becoming a thoughtful and meaningful speaker who understands the affects words can have on emotions.

DM for inquiries.