Hi, I'm Cindy

You're exactly where you need to be

At 17, I got my driver's license.
At 18, I started university.
At 19, I moved out of my parents' house.
At 22, I started working at the bank.
At 25, I bought my first condo.
At 26, I started my online beauty business to help others feel more confident and beautiful in themselves.
By 28, I'll be trending to retire from corporate.
By 30, I will be working towards being inducted into the Million Dollar Club.

I learned how to take better care of myself by adjusting my mindset, investing in personal development and by believing I deserved better. I learn from the best, travel with the best and secure the bag with the best.

My passion for the beauty industry peaked when I learned how to do the perfect cat eye, then died down when I wanted to let my face breathe. I wanted to pick it up again with all the new makeup trends but was nervous to see how it might affect my skin. Not to mention I've also dyed my hair red, brown, blonde and had balyage for years... Both led me to a dark hole of research on clean beauty that led me to my current glow up. I'm here to share what I've learned and help you with your healthy hair journey and healthy skin transformation. Consider me your beauty dealer.

For my ambitious women looking for partnership and mentorship, who are coachable and ready to learn how to make another stream of income through social media network marketing, I got you. This is not a job, it is a business opportunity into entrepreneurship and a life more fulfilled. Nervous? So was I. Skeptical? So was I. Curious? I'm an open book and love sharing the wealth... Let's chat :)

Whether you're 18, 45, or somewhere in between, I'm here to show you how to level up... At what age will you decide you deserve better?