Beauty Lover/Seint Make up Artist/Mental Health Provider

Just another beautiful life trying to lift and support women and self esteem through beauty and mental health

I am board certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatric nurse practitioner who can see people beyond just a diagnosis. I am able to easily empathize, understand, and truly hear their needs. I believe that in order to create a truthful and genuine environment, and relationship between a provider and a person, is to work collaboratively towards their goals; in ways that I can help.
While I strive to ensure a therapeutic environment each time we meet, I also like to bring humor and joy around life situations. I want every person I meet to feel comfortable, respected, and also heard. I believe we are different, coming from various backgrounds and life experiences that shape the way we think and behave.
Therefore, the care each person receives should be individualized to their needs. I am a military wife who understands the importance of resilience, therefore it is my passion to help others in gaining power of their health in order to promote healing and well being. Reach out to (720) 230-6731 through either text or call to better assist you.

I am ALSO a beauty influencer. A beauty and make up lover and make up artist. I love influencing women to feel their best and to regain self esteem through the encouragement of fun make up and easy routine that takes much less than the normal old “foundation routine”. I love the sisterhood gained through make up and how it brings us all women together from all different backgrounds. Contact me and I can get you a complimentary color match from Seint and you will NOT disappointed. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s beautiful!