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Delaney Mason

Growing up, I was a straight-A student who, like many other young kids, was taught that my self-worth was defined by numbers on a piece of paper. 3 years into my college education and 5 major changes later, I realized that I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and that I was thousands of dollars in debt for a degree that might qualify me to work for somebody else’s dream. IF I would be able to land a job after graduating, it would take years for me to make enough money to pay back this student loan debt.

I always knew that I loved helping people and doctors make good money, so I studied pre-med for a few years. It wasn’t until my friend and I started a K-pop dance cover group at our university with beginner dancers who approached me at the end of each semester thanking me for helping them believe in themselves when I realized how fulfilling it was to help people in that way. I also realized that my true passions were in the music entertainment industry.

Unfortunately, as any creative knows, it is difficult to make a decent income in the field unless you get a big break. I was torn. Was I really willing to spend all those years doing something I wasn’t truly passionate about just for the money?

And then a pandemic happened. My classmates in the graduating class of 2020 struggled to find work. Millions of Americans were laid off their jobs. My 70 year-old grandmother, still working at Walmart for the past 30 years since Social Security wasn’t enough, was fired. My uncle’s 401k was cut in half. 2020 not only exposed the instability of relying on someone else to sign your checks, but also the risk of relying on only one stream of income.

I am so blessed that I got into the world of investing and digital entrepreneurship in January 2020.

Now I’m learning how to make my money work for me so I can pursue my passions full-time, and I’m SUPER excited to be in the position I am now to help others do the same.

I’m doing this for my grandmother who’s worked her entire life without stopping to take care of the family.
I’m doing this for my father who I’ve witnessed for the past 22 years give up on his creativity to work a job that he hates and lives every day exhausted, tired, and done with life.
I’m doing this for the creatives who just want to work on their craft without having to worry about how to afford it.
I’m doing this for the parents who spend more time at their job than at home with their kids.
I’m doing this for the youth so they know their dreams are achievable.
I’m doing this for the unconfident so they can believe in themselves.
I’m doing this for the shy girl who hid in the back of the room because she only knew how to express herself through dance.

Entrepreneurship is not easy. But with a family like this, I couldn’t be more grateful for the genuine love, support, and desire we have to help each other succeed.

The bottom is too crowded, so let’s journey the road less traveled to the top together ♡

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Ole Miss Generation (OMG)

K-pop Dance Cover Group

Founded at the University of Mississippi in the Fall of 2017, OMG’s mission is to spread K-pop in the South one dance at a time. Every semester we choose a variety of popular K-pop choreographies to cover and perform. Practices are held weekly. Anyone is welcome to join no matter the skill level! You can follow us @OleMissGeneration on Instagram :)

Music Video Dance Cover

Advanced Subgroup Live Performance

Mini Documentary