Well Hello There Beautiful!

Welcome to my page, glad to see you here! I am Dela, I’m a 22 year old, and I live in Los Angeles,CA. I’m here to help inspire others into being better, and doing better for not only themselves but their loved ones. If you have made your way to my page, I’m hoping you find something worth sharing!

A few months ago, I was feeling stuck in a repeat pattern of failure, consistently working, and being completely tired than words could described. It was an endless race to a finish lane that NEVER really came, it felt like I was once again starting the race all over when it came to payday. I HATED not being to do what I loved on a daily basis and truly express myself often. I was longing to travel, create my OWN schedule and truly live every day to the FULLEST.

I’m lucky enough to start this journey moving forward EVERY DAY! I’m working now with some of THE most amazing and supporting woman. But hey..I get it.. you may hear things like this all the time. But, you came across my page for a REASON and I have to say I’m glad you’re here! This isn’t your typical 9-5p job.

Honestly before this, I didn’t have much support from friends and a lot of family members that I could confide into about my goals, dreams and aspirations. I noticed I was consistently doing the same thing over and over again each weekend. Not progressively growing and moving forward towards what I really saw for myself.

I am here to truly help women take the next step into their true selves & shine bright EVERYDAY they’d like to! I can help you figure out your next steps forward.

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