Un-Wine With Delarue...

Relax. Renew. Reset

Un-Wine with Delarue is a 2-evening virtual retreat, hosted by me, Delarue Brumskine, Licensed Therapist and Life Coach.

Join me and my global crew of expert therapists and coaches for 2 evenings of refreshing fun, original yoga flows, enthusiastic virtual hugs, educational online workshops, shared storytelling and more —join us from wherever you are in the world.

Dive into workshops and webinars led by industry leaders on a variety of topics specifically designed to enrich your life as we move out of the covid induced stillness into our new "normal."

Drop into flows sequenced straight from the heart. Reflect on journaling prompts that will open your mind. Enjoy exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. Regardless of where you are in the world, or whatever your schedule might be, you can download and participate on your own time, then join in the live sessions to benefit from the group vibe. 

The Details
The virtual retreat will be held over two evenings.

Cohort 1 meets: Oct 25
Cohort 2 meets: Nov 1

We’ve timed this retreat to help you power though these turbulent CV 19 time, layered with a stress evoking election season and back to school....on top of all the regular real life challenges that we face as modern women. It's not easy, but we've got this and we can support each other through it all.

The cost for the evening is $75 per person.

Social Responsibility
We are committed to bettering ourselves and others so we will be donating a percentage of our profits to the Rosetta Steps Education Center in Liberia. This early education organization brings the knowledge and wisdom of books and learning to children who may otherwise missout on formal education. 

What’s Included
Every day of the week, you’ll receive the following from our talented collective:

• An exclusive email with original and inspiring thoughts from Delarue that you won’t find anywhere else
• A yoga flow designed to challenge the body and recharge the mind
• A meditation and prayer prompt even people who hate meditation can enjoy
• A thought-provoking journaling prompt 
•  Workshops with experts in the areas of emotional and psychological well being, art therapy, spirituality, health and sexuality after 40, plotting a new path  and of course our daily happy hour. 

You’ll also receive a beautiful digital gift bag filled with beautiful printables to keep you inspired well after the retreat has ended, discount codes, downloads, and gifts-with-purchase from our friends and sponsors.

We want you to make this retreat your own,  Don’t feel like flowing one day? Don’t stress, you can save it for whenever (and forever!) Not feeling the writing vibe? We won’t check your homework. (But we will be there to discuss anything you wish to share.) Make this retreat you own.

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About Your Hostess

Trained professional + real life experiences

I am Delarue Brumskine, a mom, professor, licensed therapist & life coach and 🏆winning blogger.

Honestly I learned about self-care in grad school and taught in to my clients for years as I ripped and ran through my life.

It was not until the sudden death of my brand new baby and the demise of my marriage did I find myself in the throws of depression, did I really decide to dig into my self-care practice as a way of healing my hurt and reconnecting with my core self.

Based on these experiences I began researching solutions and documenting the things that worked.

The end result was my blog ChocolateChics.com. Without a large following or even an IG account I received an award for my efforts (that at that point were really just part of a cathodic process for me).

Since then I have been able to build a business around the concepts of the blog, which are Self-Care and Self Re-discovery.

I learned the very hard way, ana this is backed by research, every bit of happiness you seek is already already inside of you.

Through our childhoods and adult relationships, we sometimes experience trauma and/or encounter negative messaging that we internalize and take to be our own. In our attempts to survive or adapt, we sometimes take these negative experiences ans messages and hold on to them longer than we need to.

This can create all sorts of pain and anguish for us...but we do not have to continue to suffer like that.

If you feel you have lost your way, are drowning in sorry and/or you don't recognize the person in the mirror, know that I have been right where you are and have come out on the other side happier than ever.

Check out my blog, attend one of my retreats and if you like my therapeutic style, give me a call.

I promise we will not go digging into your childhood if you do not want to. All I am interested in is creating relief for you now. So generally that is where we will start. Sessions start at $90/Hr.

T: 678.861.7594
E: [email protected]

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