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20 year published Photographer, Videographer enthusiast, & multimedia content creator. Have a passion project? Ready for your vision to take flight? Let’s connect and create the bigger picture!

Magazine Shoot

WNBA Star player Angel McCoughtry

Had the pleasure of traveling to ATL for Swagher Magazine to shoot cover story Angel McCoughtry a WNBA Player & 2 time Gold Medalist, inside her Ice-cream shop. Such an awesome opportunity & amazing woman.

My BTS(behind the scenes)coverage

Dancing with Red Sahara

what does your images say about you!

I love creating cool concepts that match perfectly with my client. This Artist/performance duo (@RedSahara) we did a shoot on the roof of a Brooklyn building.

When Slaying..

Slay with a mission..ScrollUp⬆️

If you’re going to slay a scene make certain you have a plan that can benefit you long term. Example above my Sister/Stylish Stylist & Creative Director & Artist, was on a mission to be photographed at Essence Magazine NYFW event EssenceFashionHouse. Her intentions were set & she knew what she wore would make or break her, so she thought outside the box(as usual) & made a skirt strictly out of ties. It was this imagination that got her photographed by many photographers such as Getty and attendees in awe of her creativity and overall style!

  1. Recommendation #1

    Recommendation #1

    Getting photographed isn’t enough, it’s getting posted on IG, Facebook, Websites the mission! These opportunities can later turn into much bigger opportunities. One never knows who’s watching & screenshot(ing) you & your look!

  2. Recommendation #2

    Recommendation #2

    You’re in control of your style, story & mission make a statement standout and BeYou!

  3. Recommendation #3

    Recommendation #3

    Lastly let’s not forget being your true authentic self is important, but having both style & authenticity, now that’ll take you far!

On Location

On location shoots are so much fun!

An in-home shoot may be just for you.
Too busy to travel to a studio or location, why not have one in your home, basement or backyard.
We can create magic almost anywhere!

NYFW Texture on the Runway

NYFW is filled with fun shows, loved everything about Texture On The Runway

Enjoyed capturing & hearing this gorgeous Queen Amara La Negra host & perform at the Texture on the Runway show. Click the link below for my blog featuring images & a little blurb about the event.

Lifestyle Shoot

Rooftop Magic

LifeStyle Shoot

A life style shoot can be great for your brand

Who should do a lifestyle shoot...entrepreneurs, authors, business owners, brand ambassadors, bloggers, designers & more..

Example #1

Lifestyle shoots can take place at various locations indoors & out!

Example #2

Be open to exploring places you wouldn’t normally explore. Think outside the box, think America’s Next Top Model!

Example #3

These images can be used all year round for campaigns, graphics, ads, memes etc...

Fashion in Harlem

Love shooting in natural light with naturally talented subjects such as this Boss Babe Sabryia! Design by Aita Fashions

Hair/Fashion Show

Natural Hollywood where Hair & Fashion Collide

Throwback work

Brooklyn Vibes

Shooting people outdoors was where I always felt most confident. Natural lighting & unexpected props & backgrounds was/is such a cool challenge I embrace with open arms. This muse of a model was also so easy to shoot, I think I gave her little to no direction, I asked if she had a cigarette to give off the bad ass look & she simply asked did I want her to light it! This was one of my favorite shoots in 2010.

Fashion Look

Social Media Content

Tired of not having the right images to represent your brand. Tired of blurry cell phone pics. Or maybe you’re tired of winging it. Well I can create unique pics & clips worth a thousand words. Catered specifically to your brand  identity.

Why your images matter

Your images are an extension of what it is you’re trying to share, build & grow. We live in a world where your images tell your story, what will you share?

Where to photograph

I take pride in coming up with ideas & concepts that better show off & showcase the vision & mission of a client. No time to visit a studio or your space too small? No worries, I have an endless supply of ideas & concepts no matter the situation.

Create your story

The images you decide to share on social media can make or break you, investing in your vision/mission to reflect the message you want across all platforms starts with the perfect picture.
Flat-lay or overhead Photograpy is a great way to show a different perspective. Let’s Create!

Fashion Icon

When June Ambrose speaks you listen..

Attending Essence Magazine’s EssenceFashionHouse event in New York during NYFW was wonderful! Celeb Stylist, author and Brilliant Boss Babe June spent a whole hour pouring into the audience, answering questions & taking photos. It was truly an awesome day!

Lifestyle Shoot

Being Creative: My first outdoor shoot

My very first outdoor digital shoot! I’d only been doing film photography before starting digital Photograpy in 2008. I signed up for a payment plan through Dell & got a beautiful Olympus Camera kit. This shoot was for a creative who did hair, knit & created wearable art. I was uber excited to come up with visual ideas & concepts that would showcase her designs in the best light. Being a movie buff & magazine hoarder I’d fantasized about telling cool visual stories for years. That day the images were thought of on the spot, being able to express my ideas freely was one of the first highlights of my photography career.

Hair/Fashion show

Model from a Brooklyn hair/fashion showcase. Featuring hair stylist extraordinaire Jennifer Lord CEO of Natural Hollywood Company.

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I’m a traveling Photographer..where to next!!

I want to continue traveling the world documenting people, places, cultures, art, nature, all the beauty the world has to offer!

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Survivante Spa Brunch!

A spa day experience exploring vegan
friendly skincare.

Paraben Free

Silicone Free

Sulfate Free

2020-2021 Photography/Video Package