Delaware Valley University is a small-private university located in picturesque Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

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Top Six Majors

Animal Science (B.S.)

Animal science involves the study of the biology of animals under the control of humans. The animals typically studied include livestock species, such as cattle, horses, pigs, poultry and sheep. However, domesticated companion animals, such as dogs and cats, are often studied as well.

Biology (B.S.)

Biology is the study of life and organisms, which includes everything from identification to evolution. Biology is a broad subject that allows for many specializations. Delaware Valley University is one of the few private colleges in the country that offers an array of biology-related programs, from animal science to conservation to agronomy. This gives students who are looking to pursue a biology degree the opportunity to customize an academic program that will best fit their educational path.

Business Administartion (B.S.)

With a bachelor's degree in business administration from Delaware Valley University, students are prepared to meet a variety of business challenges within virtually any environment. Upon completion of the program, graduates will have expertise in the functional areas of business, as well as technical skills and experience with business concepts.

Conservation and Wildlife Management (B.S.)

The curriculum stresses the application of broad biological principles to manage and conserve wildlife. Graduates of the program will understand the array of factors that affect habitat and species conservation. They will be learning principles of implementing safe, effective and appropriate procedures for restoring endangered populations to viable levels.

Students will learn the taxonomy, behavior, systematics and ecology of our native wildlife. Laboratories emphasize field techniques and a hands-on approach to learning conservation.

Criminal Justice (B.S.)

Prepare for a life within the legal system by enrolling in Delaware Valley University’s criminal justice B.S. program. This interdisciplinary program covers a variety of study areas, from business management to socio-psychological studies.

Small Animal Science (B.S.)

Our small animal science program provides students with a comprehensive liberal arts and science education that focuses on the study of companion and small animal species. The program combines a broad background in life sciences with classes that focus specifically on small animals and biotechnology.