What is Style coaching?

"The joy of dressing is an art" -John Galliano

It sounds like something a person in the public eye would use. But actually, anybody can benefit from image consulting, a service that helps you reach your own true potential. It will help you become who you already are inside and project an image to the world, of the true you.

You will learn not only how to choose the right items that flatter you and about the effect that certain details in clothing have on your image, but also about what you communicate through your appearance. This means, that you will also know what to avoid. No matter your budget, these are lessons that anyone can apply.

Intake & color test

The Minimum

Intake & color analysis

This is the basis for all the work that follows, the discovery of you.
Together, with the help of a questionnaire, we will assess your needs, understand why you are looking for a change, and identify your expectations. The result will be a clear objective, a goal, a desired image to work towards.



Additionally, a color analysis will give you information on what colors flatter you in and around your face, which means the color of your tops, make up, hair and accessories.

When the intake is done online, there will be no color test.

Body type analysis & style assessment  —

The body & style

I distinguish 8 body types that have different characteristics. There are certain guidelines, about how you can flatter these body types the most. I will use these guidelines, but I will also use my personal experience in styling to see how we can create more possibilities, outside of these guidelines.

So, which of these 8 body types approaches yours, most? And which physical characteristics, unique to your body, do you have, to take into account? Because of that reason, because your body and its characteristics are one of a kind, I give personalized advice, to answer to your demands.

Next, we will talk about your style. I will ask you detailed questions about your likes and dislikes to discover your style. Of course, we will adapt your current style, to your desired image. If you have a casual style, that won’t change. It will just be a different level of casual.

The goal with this service is to understand your body type & your personal style, to adapt your wardrobe to that.


Closet clean out

The review

Now that we know which clothing style supports your desired image as well as your body type, we will dispose of the clothes that undermine it. Together, we will go through your closet and select items to keep, items to donate and items to discard.

The results of the color test, your personal style and your body type analysis, will play a key role in the choices we make. I will use my creative styling skills, to try to keep as much as possible, but if something absolutely doesn’t match your desired image, we have to say goodbye to it.

We will, however, make sure to hold on to the items, that correspond to your genuine self & your desired image.


Personal shopping  —

The restock

I recommend pairing this service alongside the closet clean out. Once we know your goal, your desired image, we will know what type of clothing supports it or undermines it. If you did the closet clean out, we will have formed a list of items that are missing from your wardrobe, which we will shop for.

Further more, we will go shopping and hand select items that flatter you, make you feel good & confident and are comfortable for you to wear. I will not forget about your habits, or physical needs/limitations, because that’s a big part of who you are. And, I want to work with that, instead of against it. That makes sense, doesn’t it?


Personalized package

The Customization

If you did not find what you are looking for, contact me with your question. I am very creative with clothes & styling, but also with my services and packages, I am sure I will be able to create a tailor made service to meet your needs.


The Minimum

€ 75,- includes color test
(complementary, if combined with any of the services below)

€ 45,- excludes color test, online only
(complementary, if combined with any of the services below)

The Body & Style

€ 150,-

The Review

€ 200,-

The Restock

€ 275,-

The Customization

To be determined

Your Style Coach

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Who is Denise?

Style coach for women who are ready for a change

Creating a look, that is right for your style, your body type & that reflects the true you the best, can be quite a challenge. I love that challenge every day.

But I understand, it's not like that for everyone.

I want to take that step and help others with their wardrobe choices, so that they have control over the image they project and know how to influence it.

Online workshop Start styling

February 25 at 19:00h

It’s wonderful, if you know exactly how to pick an outfit, that works for you and makes you feel like you own it. An outfit that has the right cut that flatters you and shows off all the best parts about you but conceals where you want it to. It sounds so easy in theory, but in reality, it can be quite a challenge. And I understand that it can be helpful, if someone explains to you, why certain items just don’t work for you. That’s where I can lend a hand.

I have designed an online styling workshop, for those of you, who want to know about the basics of styling.

In the first part of this workshop, I will explain to you, how body types are defined and what are the most common ways to dress for them. But, instead of just telling you how you have to dress, I will explain to you, what impact your choices of clothes, have on your body. Because I believe, there isn’t one ideal, that everyone wants to emulate. After this workshop, you will know, how to flatter your body, the way YOU want, not how it is said, it should be.

In the second part of the workshop, I will go in detail about the effects of clothing. And I will do so, in 4 categories > color, cuts, prints & fabric. Each of these categories, impact your look and you can use them as tools, to influence what you want people to see. For instance, how do you camouflage one area and draw attention to another, just by picking the right fabric??

So, don’t hesitate.

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