hi! my name is denise and i’m a 16 year old girl that was born and raised in portugal, but is living in the uk (been here for ten years hehe) & i am indeed a virgo <3

i used to make moodboards + niche memes, now i write poems & do photography 🌷

i love listening to music, it’s the only thing keeping me sane nowadays.
some of my favourite artists at the moment are: chase atlantic, arctic monkeys, the neighbourhood & lil peep. 🌱

my clothing style varies everyday, i try to go with the trends and look as aesthetic as possible, so i would say my style is grunge but i’m trying to get into cottagecore, add some indie and y2k and i legit cannot go out without having accessories ☁️

may favs.

witchcraft + astrology.

now, this is something that i actually got into mid august when i was on vacation, but something about witchcraft and astrology gives me peace, you know? it's such an interesting thing to learn about, and to understand more in depth, and even though not many people consider witchcraft as a good thing, more as a bad thing like casting spells and turning others into toads, it's actually a way of life. it's a religion, that guides you into the life you want for yourself, and i love that.


EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS VIBE AND AESTHETIC MAKES ME SO HAPPY. i feel so cozy, and it makes me want to live there and make picnics every day. the nature, the trees, picnics, grass, god i want it all. hopefully i do get to have it in the future, but obviously i have to work for it, but something about it.. i cannot omg.

crystal art.

i had actually heard about this before, but my bestfriend let me do one with her, i instantly fell in love and that was when i got a bit too obsessed, AHA.


do you have any pets?

yes! i have a cat named fluffy, who i love with my whole heart and i can’t imagine my life without <3

what’s your dream job?

this is still something that i haven’t quite figured out yet. i have a few options, either becoming a vet, an actress or a graphic designer. but i do want to own a cute little café or a bakery, ugh pls.

what has been your biggest achievement this year?

letting go of toxic people and finally finding my worth. it took me so long to get there, and i’ve never been happier.

where have you always dreamed of living?

paris! it’s been my dream, ever since i was a little girl. the city of romance 💒

do you have a youtube channel?

yes, in fact i do! i’ll put it on a card. however i don’t really upload anymore, but feel free to check out my old videos 🤧

my youtube channel

denise pereira

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videos i’ve posted recently r below <3

a day in my life quarentined

grwm for a day out

in my feels playlist