Christian Frederick "Derick" Mascenon Sales, RN

An Introduction

A singer and songwriter, I have performed for various events around the metro. A band vocalist for String of Souls - the 2nd batch group of artists playing 80's and 90's soul and RnB classics. Also, I was a vocalist for First Kiss, an indie rock band in the early 2000's. I have played together with local band legends like Chicosci, Typecast and Kamikaze in the Metro Manila bar scene. Currently conducting voice coaching as well as providing songwriting lessons online for VIP clients.

An artist by heart. I began sculpting and drawing at the age of 5. Custom sketches and previous works have been gifted or given away. Tattooing freelance as a hobby since 2010.

As a registered nurse by profession, I have taken courses on IV therapy, safety and aesthetics. Courses on neuromodulators and filler injections have provided satisfactory knowledge to begin my venture in medical aesthetics.

As a professional in the training and development field, I am currently providing consultancy projects with an NGO and some International companies. Having been able to work for some of the local businesses and the BPO industries provided me with a great deal of knowledge in the field.

Gintò Coffee

100% Highland Coffee

Welcome to Gintò Coffee!

For most people, this is the first thing they think of upon waking up. There is nothing better than sipping on a freshly-brewed, fragrant and strong cup of this dark liquid energy!

We at MLFI, source our beans from the highest farms of Tabuk, near Mount Magallaya in the heart of the Cordilleras. These indigenous farmers live and breathe coffee, since their ancestors have been growing coffee for centuries.

Our premium beans are single-farmed or single origin. This means our coffee beans have been organically cultivated in a single estate, providing the best flavours the climate, soil, altitude and variety can bring. Great coffee needs special conditions for it to have it's distinct flavour.

We sell both raw and fresh roasted coffee beans for a limited quantity since our supply depends on the time harvest season. Green coffee for those who love roasting their own beans at home or love the benefits of drinking green coffee for effective fat loss. We roast our beans in-house using traditional methods to bring out the right flavour notes our coffee has.

Please check out our page to preorder your bag of beans!

Each bag contains 250 grams of premium raw highland coffee beans or our premium medium to dark roasts.


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