Connection, Commitment, & Confidence

Get to know me

Hey beautiful faces!

My name is Kaitlyn but, everyone knows me as Kait (Kate). I’m 24 years old from Hampton roads Virginia.

I believe having the ability to create & connect with others is something we all deserve. As a teen, I found my love for esthetics through the online beauty community. Living in a small,rural town meant not having many friends. So, naturally I craved connection. And the beauty community offered me that.The creativity & inclusivity it offers inspired me to start my career.

I’m a recent graduate of The Chrysm Institute of Esthetics. I’ve been freelancing makeup for the past 5 years and I’m a part time barista. Ive also worked for a reputable dermalogist office. While working there I grasped a deeper understanding for skin conditions and how to assess client concerns.

I love makeup, but skincare is my focus. My approach to skin health is holistic. Rather than having clients just buy products. I try to find the root of their concern and strategize a committed plan to helping achieve their goals. Keeping them informed & educated every step of the way. My overall intention is to promote a healthy lifestyle. Because after all, everyone deserves confidence!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!

Dream big & it will come true 🤍



My top recommendations for skin care products

Below you can browse through my top rated skin care products. These are products I have used and had a positive experience with. They change up with the season. Keep in mind, not all products provide the same experience or result for all skin types. My skin is combination skin- normal/dry.