Descriptive Writing

Descriptive Writing on the topic 'Your visit to taj mahal'

Agra is a city in the Northern state of Uttar Pradesh and is a major tourist destination. It is famous for many historical monument and it is also home to one of the seven wonders of India-Taj Mahal....
During my summer vacation I went to Agra to celebrate my maternal grandmother's golden jubilee. Next day I went to explore 'the city of the taj'.Agra is best known for the Taj Mahal...So I visited it first. Taj Mahal was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of Mumtaz Mahal,his beloved wife. when I saw Taj Mahal for the first time, I was shocked and impressed by it's beauty. It is made up of pure white marble and is in the shape of dome. It is surrounded by 4 lesser domes. The main structure is surrounded by Gardens fountains and pools. The reflection of the building on the water just adds a different look to it. In 1983,UNESCO declared Taj Mahal as a Heritage side as a World Heritage site.
This monument is famous all over the world...Millions of people visit taj mahal every year
Because of the pollution and acid rain it's white marble is turning yellow in colour....Keeping the city and the river clean can help us protecting this master piece.
My visit to taj mahal will be the most memorable visit I had ever in my life.
By : Aishwarya Chaturvedi
IX Scholars