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I am a technology consultant

As a technology consultant my job is to help you transform the way you use technology for your business efficiency, growth and productivity.

I help/teach you how to best use technology and softwares to benefit your business.

If you own a small business here are my business Development Recommendations for you

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Digital ads

Benefits of paid digital ads your business:

• It Offers a Better Understanding of Your Customers.

• There are Higher Chances of Reaching Target Audience.

• It Boosts Your Business Content Visibility.

• It Expands the Reach of Your Brand.

• It Strengthens Brand Credibility.

• It Offers Higher Customer Retention.

• It Drives High-Quality Traffic.

👩🏽‍💻| I can recommend softwares and mobile apps you can use to run your digital ads

📲| I can also help you run your digital ads to save you time

E-commerce site

Here Are Benefits of an e-commerce store for your business

• It Increases Your Business Reach

• It Increases Your Business Revenue

• It Help Boost Your Business Search Engine Traffic

• It Requires a Low Operational Cost

• It helps To Build Your Business Online Reputation

• It Has Flexible Timings

• It Gives Your Business Easy Access To Customers Reviews

• It Helps With Ease of Product Tracking

👩🏽‍💻| I can recommend softwares and mobile apps you can use to buikd your own E-commerce store

📲| I can also help you build your E-commerce to save you time

Email Marketing

Benefits of email marketing for your business

• It is Low costs. One of the advantages of email marketing is its lower cost compared to other marketing channels.

• It Reachs An Already Engaged Audience

• It Delivers Targeted Messages

• It Drives Revenue

• It Is Easy To Start

• It Is Easy To Measure

• It Is Easy To Share

• It Can Reach a Global Audience

👩🏽‍💻| I can recommend softwares and mobile apps to help you with email marketing

📲| I can also help you with your email marketing to save you time.

Payment Gateway

Benefits of payment gateway for your business

• It integrates with shopping cart.

• It provides faster payment processing.

• It accepts multiple payment options.

• It provides charge back prevention.

• It provides fraud management.

• It provides recurring billing.

👩🏽‍💻| I can recommend payment Gateway softwares and mobile apps

📲| I can also help you set up your payment gateway to save you time

Online Events & Meetings

Benefits of online Events and Meetings

• It improves communication ability

• It is an easy access for stakeholders

• It is an efficient medium of interaction between all the participants

• It requires less spend on travel and expenses across the organization. ...

• It is more accessible to all employees to engage with clients and colleagues in other locations

• It is environmental friendly.

👩🏽‍💻| I can recommend softwares and mobile apps to set up your online Events and Meetings

📲| I can also help you set up your online Events and Meetings to save you time

Staff Training

Benefits of training staffs who work for you

• It increases productivity

• It improves the quality of work

• It reduces faults, waste or customer complaints with streamlined processes and more competent staff

• It gives a positively affect staff morale and motivation

• It reduces staff turnover and absenteeism

• It helps your business adapt to change and prepare for growth

• It gives you a competitive advantage over your business rivals

• It helps you attract top talent if your business is seen as one that values and invests in their workers

👩🏽‍💻| I can recommend to you a competent company to train your staffs

Content Creation

Benefits of content creation for you & your business

• It allows you to become a content expert

• It helps you fetting more traffic

• It makes you have more to share on social media

• It helps you stay top-of-mind for prospects

• It validates your customers' decision to buy from you

👩🏽‍💻| I can recommend softwares and mobile apps you with content creation

📲| I can also help you structure your content creation in respect to your business needs to save you time

Data Entry

Benefits of data entry for your business

• Data entry helps in the process of Research and Analysis.

• Data entry helps in generating information from across the web.

• Data entry helps with the conversion of raw data into digital data which can be processed in various industrial sectors.

• Data entry helps in electronic word processing.

👩🏽‍💻| I can recommend softwares and mobile apps to help you with data entry

📲| I can also help you with your business data entry to save you time

Book Keeping

Benefits of book keeping to your business

• Bookkeeping lets you prepare financial statements

• Bookkeeping lets you focus your business strategy and plan for the future

• Bookkeeping keeps you prepared to pay for your business tax

👩🏽‍💻| I can recommend softwares and mobile apps you can use for book keeping

Business Branding

Benefits of Business Branding

• Branding helps you stand out in a saturated market

• Branding gives you credibility

• With a clear brand, you can charge what you're worth

• Branding leads to customer loyalty

• Branding leads to returning customers & referrals

• Branding = Consistency

Branding involves;
A Logo
Business cards
Fliers (printed or digital) etc

👩🏽‍💻| I can recommend a Brand Strategist to help you with;

Personal Branding
Business Branding

Social Media Management

Benefits of social media management for your brand

• It improve your current social media presence

• It creates a content calendar

• It creates a unique content for you to post on each platform

• It analyze your social media performance

• It replies to messages and comments

• It helps you set up and successfully run social media ads

👩🏽‍💻| I can recommend a social media manager for your brand

Designegy Creatives

Swipe 《《《《《《

My Name is: Anuoluwapo (thunder teslim) Balogun

💙 I am 26 years old and a graduate of the university of Lagos

💙 I own Designegycreatives

I am a Technology Consultant

Nice to meet me 🤝🏽🥂

Here is what you don't know about me

My favorite colors are; Pink, burgundy, yellow, peach, brown, sky blue, purple, gold and white

My hobbies are; dancing and surfing the internet

I enjoy nature and gazing at the sky

I am a lover of hippop and Afrobeat

I am a lover of God

I love the tech world

I am playful, shy, funny and witty

I have never traveled by air

I hope to visit many countries as possible in the nearest future

I learnt how to drive but i have never driven my self before

I love sleeping on the floor a lot

I love to eat when I am anxious


Now you know me don't you?

I also own a store where I sell Quality Tech gadgets at an affordable price 🛒📲🛍

Click here to visit my store HAPPY SHOPPING 🛍

My Mental Health Journal

Swipe 《《《《《《

To give me feed back on my mental health journal

As well as sharing your mental health stories with me

Which I would really love

Message me at

[email protected]


  1. My journey so far as a technology consultant

    My journey so far as a technology consultant

    Hey dear friend,
    Missed me much?

    I missed you so much 🤭

    Do you believe me ?

    I do
    If I didn't I won't write to you right now!

    Well for a while I have been busy 🙈

    Yeah I found my passion

    I did!

    I am happy

    I have worked for a few people and I love every bit of it

    I just wanted to let you know

    I have been doing a lot of Facebook Marketing

    Designing a functional e-commerce website for people

    Designing main websites for people

    I own a store you know ? 🎉

    You can check my store out and get Quality items at am affordable price delivered to your location 👍🏾

    I will need your Patronage as it will mean a lot to help support my passion as a technology consultant

    I will write you soon

    ❤ Till then please be happy

    I have also tried to stay away from my triggers

    When it comes to my Bipolar disorder

    That makes you glad right?
    Me too!

    I hope you are doing great as well?

    Do take care of yourself  for me 😁

  2. I am done with my internship

    I am done with my internship

    Dear Friend,

    I have come to tell you that my 1-month Internship with Oakinterlink has ended,

    I am grateful to God for the journey, for protecting me as I go out and as I come back home.
    What a blessed journey 🙏🏽

    Grateful for the impactful knowledge Oakinterlink gave me
    I hope to put all i have learnt into good practice and be a creative technology consultant who is an expert in business development. ✔

    I am happy to fully be a tech person 👩🏽‍💻

    I hope to be better each day as I start this new career journey path👩🏽‍🎓


    I hope to learn more programming language soon and also be an expert at the ones I have learnt (python) and currently learning (html, css, Javascript, sql).

    I also will resume my podcast speaking on my career journey.

    For a while, I have lost touch with reality,

    I am not motivated, less creative etc.

    Because of many situations and one of it is my laptop getting faulty I hope to get it fixed soon or get another one.

    But once I do I will notify you 🤝🏽 in the mean time I will work with my tablet and smartphone but I know a laptop is essential for my choice of career and I will get it asap.

    I hope to be better and more career-focused.

    Building my career is what is best for me

    I will learn to grow because personal brand requires strength, encouragement and perseverance.

    I can't wait to build my brand from this day onward
         🍾  Let's celebrate this new journey of mine.

  3. My Internship Journey

    My Internship Journey

    Dear Friend,

    I will like to talk to you about my internship, with one of Nigeria's foremost company: OAK INTERLINK.

    Which is a Professional Course Certification and Consulting Firm.

    I am Interning as a Business Developer

    I love my new job and new role

    I will be an intern for 4 weeks after which i will be fully employed as a staff.

    I am so excited because i have learnt how to write email marketing as well as content writing.

    I also met amazing colleagues like Mr koyi, Mr Gbenga, Mr Enerst and the beautiful Miss Salome.

    I have a very nice and understanding boss Mr Oluseye

    Currently, i am to sell one of our course SCRUM MASTER PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION COURSE.

    coming up 30th and 31st of this month

    Scrum is one of Agile's frame work for project management created by software developers for software developers.

    @ oakinterlink we train you on how to pass the scrum master exams and get you certified.

    you can check out our company's website on SCRUM MASTER PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION COURSE details

    by clicking the link below...

  4. My Journey To Tech

    My Journey To Tech

    Hello Dear Friend 😊,

    How are you? 🤝🏽

    I have missed you 😍

    Are you surprised? 🤭

    Well I have 😇

    Let me tell you what I have been up to 😜

    Well I have transitioned 🤯

    Yup, you read me right 🥰

    I transitioned into the world of Tech 🦾🦿

    To become A DATA SCIENTIST 🙉



    I am excited on this new journey of mine 👩🏽‍💻

    Let me tell you about my transitioning 🤗

    When I was in Unilag(I graduated from unilag year 2016)

    I was taught HTML 👩🏽‍💻

    By my friend Samuel 🙂

    Then year 2019(immediately after my nysc year 2017-2018)

    I attended code Lagos(A Lagos state initiative to teach programming to interested people)

    courtesy of

    My church members 🕊RCCG Tap Youths


    Year 2020, I learnt HTML, CSS and Javascript 🤯

    On my own 🤭 you guess so? Nah

    I learnt them through the course resources 👩🏽‍💻

    I got from DECAGON a programming academy (Google about them if you're curious to know about them)🤗

    But unfortunately I didn't meet up to🤕

    The required cut-off mark🤧

    But I got to learn 3 programming languages extensively 🥳

    From them🤭

    I heard recently HTML isn't a full programming 🤗

    Language 😜 that's how programmers do 🤔

    We call the shot on what should be in the😋

    Tech world🦾🦿

    This year around February i started learning 🤗

    DATA SCIENCE from DATA CAMP(A mobile app available on app store and play store)👩🏽‍💻

    I am a self taught DATA SCIENTIST 👏🏽

    Hoping to end up as a Machine Learning Expert 😋

    And an Artificial intelligence genius 🤗

    So Help Me God Amen 🙏🏽

    I am glad I have formally introduced myself 🤝🏽

    To you as a Data Scientist 👩🏽‍💻

    You can call me: 👩🏽‍💻 Mercy The Tech Babe 👩🏽‍💻

  5. Surviving the odds

    Surviving the odds

    Hello Dear Friend,👋🏽

    I know you are wondering, where did she go ? Right?🤔

    I have been awol for certain reasons.😬

    I have missed you too my dear friend,🥺

    But I want to share with you, what I have been dealing with for many days now.🤯

    ❣ANXIETY ❣

    Yes you know about it right ?🙁

    But I doubt if you know how crazy it can be huh?☹

    Well anxiety kept me off blogging for a while 😥

    But I have learnt to control my anxiety 😎

    By always thinking of everything that happens to me in a positive way🤠

    Instead of anger outburst I try to give excuses for what ever is done to wronged me 😏

    Doesn't make me weak to defend my self but makes me stronger than anxiety and depression 🤓

    Because through my anxiety I get to be taken advantage of 🤕

    So in other to put an end to that I need to always come out stronger than my anxiety 💪🏽

    You should try my remedy too 🤝🏽

    I hope it works for you too👍🏾

    Thank you for reading 🙏🏽

    I love you ❣

  6. My Mental Growth

    My Mental Growth

    Hello there, 😊

    It's being a very long time 🥺

    I missed you 🤗

    I hope you are doing great? 👍🏾

    I just want to give you an update about my mental health 🧠

    It has not been easy 🙃

    But I am better than you left me 🤭

    Did I tell you I am now single? 🤯

    It was for my best interest ☺

    To be a better version of myself 🤧

    I will find true love soon 🥰

    He has been supportive even after the break up 😍

    I appreciate him for that 🤝🏽

    He never truly left 🕺🏽

    Which makes the breakup easier to deal with 💪🏽

    He is there for me to ensure my mental health improves 😘

    What a perfect gentleman 😋

    So you can see dealing with some sort of disorder can even make you loose the best partner for you 🤕

    Try to get help, get therapies so you do not miss out on the best parts of your life 🤗

    Remember to be happy 😃

    Thank you for reading 😘

  7. My most shocking moment

    My most shocking moment

    Hello friend 💕

    Happy New Year 💐

    Happy New Month 😘

    Welcome to an amazing year 🥰

    I finally went for my MRI Scan 🥳

    I was told miraculously I got a brain that's doing well 🥰

    My radiologist was a friendly and compassionate man 🤗

    I want to thank the Me Cure group for the kind gesture 🥰

    I will start counselling soon 🥰

    I'm happy my mental health is more of psychology 😁

    Than mental 🥳

    Thank you for being an amazing reader 🥰

    Thank you for being my favorite reader as well 💕

    I love you 💕

  8. Bipolar Disorder & Networking

    Bipolar Disorder & Networking

    Hey dear friend,

    I know you missed me and my stories 🥰

    Well today story is not a long one

    You know me and you know my story

    But I don't know you or your story

    Now you see ? It's difficult for me to network

    I can't see you out there and claim to know you

    It's because being bipolar restrict me from actually

    Getting close to any one and knowing them better

    It hurts and sometimes I let go of people

    After making friends with them

    It's really difficult for me to

    Keep friends for a long time

    I am working effortlessly

    To change that narrative

    About myself I hope I become more open

    And be able to keep friends for a very long time

    Accommodating people who are

    Comfortable with their bad behaviors

    With no viable hope of them changing

    Is extremely hard

    But I'm building up my tolerance level

    For my own mental health and career survival

    Thank you for reading my short story today

    I appreciate you and love you 💖

    Feel free to reach out to me on

    [email protected]

  9. Bipolar & Domestic Violence

    Bipolar & Domestic Violence

    Hello Everyone,

    Today's topic is all about being bipolar and at the

    Same time, being prone to domestic violence 🤯

    I am grateful to be married to an amazing God-fearing Man, 👩‍❤️‍👨

    Who would never lay a finger on me no matter how angry he is.🕺🏾

    But I dated guys who never understood me and our arguments led to domestic violence 🥊

    I was beaten up while being pregnant by an ex, I was pushed so hard to the wall

    while trying to confront an ex 🗣️

    I am not blaming these guys and labelling them women beater,

    I am only stating the fact that bipolar patients who aren't truly understood stand a chance

    Of being in relationships with partners who can go violent on them at every slight provocation

    Bipolar patients tends to be very aggressive when faced with their triggers and these aggressive

    Behavior can allow their partners who don't understand their nature and triggers

    Go very violent and aggressive at them as a means of self defense

    But an understanding partner will react less to the aggressive nature and try other means

    To communicate with love and understanding and these can calm bipolar patients

    Both bipolar men and women are prone to domestic violence

    I urge bipolar patients really date and marry partners who understands them

    And won't react hard when they are battling with their triggers

    You can share your domestic violence story with me


    [email protected]

    Thank you , God bless

  10. Bipolar & My Miscarriage

    Bipolar & My Miscarriage

    Hello, Now it's safe to say that you know me so well 😁

    I have taken you with me, down my mental health journey.

    Now let me take you down my true life experiences 😔

    Just like many brave women out there, I have had my share of miscarriage

    And it hurts to be honest 😢

    When it happened I wasn't expecting to be pregnant,

    But I also wasn't expecting to loose the pregnancy as well.

    And coping with the lose while being bipolar seems harder than it normally should.

    I naturally have a huge hard time coping with losses.

    And having the loss be so close hurts differently to be honest

    Funny part was, I kept pretending to be pregnant despite knowing I had lost it.

    I had severe pains the day it happened very severe pains with thick blood clots and heavy flow

    Which is very unusual for me since I have just the light flow.

    It was a totally different and painful experience 😩

    But I learnt through that journey that losses are there to teach us how to appreciate

    Our gains at every point in life.

    I reflected on how much I still have people around me that I love

    I learnt how to be proactive when next I conceive,

    I also learnt how to take care of my body pre-conception wise.

    With mobile apps like Flo, I was able to feel better reading other women stories.

    I am such a young lady, I know when the time is right I'll conceive and have the best babies in the world 😍

    Till then I'll just live classy and stay grateful 🙏🏾

    Many mothers inspire me ❤️

    Many brave women who have had miscarriages and pulled through gave me hope as well 💕

    But in all bipolar disorder in a way makes it hard to move pass losses.

    But with amazing family members and friends

    It becomes easily and better

    💐 You can send in your stories and experiences to [email protected]

  11. Bipolar & Insomnia

    Bipolar & Insomnia

    🤦🏽‍♀️ How do I start today's journal?

    Have got sore eyes 👀

    Due to insomnia 😴

    Last month I battled Anger 🥶

    This month I'm battling Insomnia

    I can't begin to explain the frustration that comes with being unable to sleep at night

    And feeling sleepy during the day, and still not be able to sleep 😰

    Tragic ☹

    Going to toilet more often than I usually do 🤧

    Experiencing extreme fatigue 😖

    Severe head pain 🙇🏽‍♀️

    And just a General cry baby 😭

    But in all of this, I am grateful 🙏🏽

    And I am also sending my warm love to every bipolar patient out there, every one battling one mental disorder or the other, and any one experiencing insomnia due to one reason or the other ❤

    To some extent my symptoms are way better now than when I was younger 😁

    Then I would not sleep for like 2 days straight I would have to survive on sleeping pills 🤕

    But now it just takes longer hours to fall asleep at night 😞

    But sleepy all through the day but I don't get to sleep 😫

    All I do is make sure I rest my head on a soft cushion or pillow once in a while to relieve my self of the pain 🥵

    And i also listen to nature sounds to calm my nerves 🙂

    I use youper app
    But you can swipe to the mobile app card and find apps you can use like calm, tide etc

    I don't mind if any one have natural therapies to help relieve one from insomnia

    Or help me fall asleep faster

    I'll be truly grateful 🙏🏽

    You can click this post to drop me a comment

    Or you can send me a message at
    [email protected]

    Thank you ❤

  12. Bipolar and fighting for a better Economy

    Bipolar and fighting for a better Economy

    I still cannot get over the Lekki massacre 😔

    It saddens my heart to watch and hear youths like me shot at and killed just because they demanded for justice

    It is really a sad one I'll never forget 20/10/2020 🇳🇬🩸

    I have always been a case study for my bipolar health journal and I love sharing my stories with every one 🙂

    Like I said earlier, bipolar patients are usually at an high risk of being bullied and oppressed

    But now looking at it from a global point of view, bipolar patients also feel the injustice and oppression going on around the world

    We also want to be a part of those who fight for a better economy

    We are perceived as people with unstable emotions but not withstanding we love when there is peace and unity all around the world

    We contribute in our own little way

    We speak out, we join the fight we get medical help to make us better humans as well

    We aren't lazy we love to be productive and we are creative as well

    Lekki massacre,

    Cameroon students who were shot in the classroom,

    The Republic of Congo going through so much as we speak,

    Armenia fighting for peace,

    And so many countries around the world.

    It saddens me to hear of this touching stories every day

    But as a bipolar patient I'll always lend my voice and my help in any way I can

    Even as well as praying for all countries every way I can

    Every bit of injustice going on today is felt by every one including we bipolar patients and many often look down on us to render help

    Because we are perceived to be the ones in need of help

    Yes we do need help because we are highly SUICIDAL in nature and these occurrences in every nation isnt helping matters as well

    Many bipolar patients get SUICIDAL as it is the only way to get out of the struggle

    With too many uncontrollable racing thoughts we tend to find alternatives to get out of the struggle and feel at ease and SUICIDE is mostly our choice of plan

    But I can assure you it is never always our intention to do so

    But gladly we have well trained psychologists and therapist all around the world who help us see other ways to survive the struggle other than SUICIDE

    So grateful to them all 🙏🏽

    Life isnt hard neither is it unfair
    Humans made life hard and unfair

    Life in it's natural state is neutral 🤔

    Just plain black and white

    So how can something neutral be
    Hard and unfair ?

    We humans made life the way it is

    And now the negative effect from our actions and decisions over time is now beyond our control

    We are now left with rehabilitation centres

    Prison yards, etc to control the vices all around.

    As a bipolar patient I still can't get my mind off the idea that we pay security agencies who are humans to save us from the brutal attacks of fellow humans

    Every day still can't get my mind off it

    Human kill humans
    Human betray humans
    Human attack humans
    Human causes nature to fall apart due to mishandling of discoveries etc
    Humans bully humans
    Human trade humans
    Human use humans
    Humans pay humans less than they work

    Nature is a neutral state

    Humans exert the forces and actions in nature

    Like Newton's third law of motion which states that "for every action there is equal or opposite reaction

    If we humans tend to prioritize LOVE

    We would have less vices all over the world.

    Nature is colorful but colors are harmless

    Colors add beauty not vices

    We need to PRIORITIZE LOVE globally


    🥰 Thank you for reading.

  13. Stop Killing Us

    Stop Killing Us

    We are tired of being oppressed

  14. Bipolar & Relationships

    Bipolar & Relationships

    Ever had moments where you are like :

    Oh I'm single, no one loves me, I feel alone etc.

    And all of a sudden some one comes to you and shows you love awwwwww 🥰

    Then you screw it all up 🥺

    This is something a bipolar patient can relate with.

    But did you really screw things up?

    Let's go through the relationship cycle of a bipolar patient, using me as the case study.

    When I feel single and lonely, I take irrational decisions like; spending excessively, buying things I really don't need at the moment, ready to work hard get a job and be serious with my life, wanting to socialize but I find my self keeping to myself all the time, signing up on all dating apps I come across yet not using my own picture as Dp but expecting the person I'm speaking to use theirs so I feel safe, etc

    And when I finally get a partner what happens?

    1. I really get scared of telling them I have bipolar disorder so they can't understand my irrational behaviours.

    2. I want them to fit in the definition of how my partner is meant to be. (It's a good thing to have a specific behaviours you expect your partner to posses but as a bipolar patient we tend to weave our partners with our imaginations that are mostly unrealistic to attain).

    3. I want them to meet up my sex drive when I'm hurt sex sex sex and ridiculous sex is what keeps us calm. (Some one needed to say the truth about being bipolar)

    4. We are very jealous and highly possesive. ( what belongs to us belongs to us).

    5. We want things done our way. (Whew! 🥴 we already have a pre planned way life is meant to be, any other way gets on our nerves)

    But all these factors gets our partners;

    Overworked (especially the high sex drive and demands)

    hurt in the process of wanting to meet up to our imaginations.

    feel stucked and detached from socializing since we are possesive in nature.

    Sigh! 🤧

    Does that mean a bipolar patient can't have a stable relationship?

    Yes we can!!!!!!!😁

    We just need;

    Partners who are very much understanding.

    Partners who have good knowledge on bipolar disorder the pros and cons

    Partners who directs our creative minds out of relationship desires and channelling it into having a professional career.

    Partners who can take us along when socializing so we as well can learn how to socialize properly.

    Partners who are there to support through out our therapies and medication sections.

    Partners who know how to take No for an answer and Yes for an apology lol.

    Partners who lead us in prayers.

    Partners who makes us laugh and shield us from our triggers.

    🙂 they sure exist

    For every bipolar patient existing is a partner existing who can handle their excesses.

    Trust me 😉

  15. Living with Bipolar in Covid Pandemic

    Living with Bipolar in Covid Pandemic

    First I'll start by saying, I am so sorry to Families who were grately affected by this pandemic, from their loved ones to their own careers etc.

    Nobody deserves to go through such hard time the way you all did .

    This Covid pandemic took a lot from almost every one and really shooked the world.

    But sometimes I wondered how I pulled through this pandemic.

    Living with Bipolar is a struggle on it's own, then came a pandemic.

    But in all of it I remembered I had to make good use of it.

    Bipolar has made me an introvert naturally so staying in doors had little or no effect on me.

    I adjusted so naturally with the lock down.

    And I know many people living with bipolar will admit to the fact that adjusting to the lock down came naturally.

    But the pandemic had it's own effect on me, I couldn't continue my therapy and treatment that part really did hurt.

    I had to be my own therapist and really couldn't have access to my drugs, although I could chat online with my doctor I just couldn't get through with my drugs.

    Gave me a few relapses but I am happy I pulled through.

    Had few mood swings here and there, but I handled them all.

    So yeah the pandemic had it's own pressure on me.

    But the lock down eased my pain in a way.

  16. Say No Abortion 🔞

    Say No Abortion 🔞

    As a bipolar patient, at an early age I did
    D and C at an early age due to reckless sex drive.

    Now as I grew older I realised being mentally disorded means the brain operates in a unique way and moves in a different wave different from the normal brain.

    I realise when I once got pregnant, the pregnancy hormone HCG was released in my body.

    After the D and C my brain now sees HCG build up as an anti-body that needs to be flushed out on it's own.

    And that's what my brain does each time I try to conceive.

    My brain fights the fetus based on the earlier d and c removing the fetus made my brain from then on read fetus and HCG build as nti bodies that needs to be flushed at the sight of it.

    My brain activates and send strong antigens to my uterus to fight of the fetus at any growth.

    So I say No to abortion

    Especially those with mental disorder.

    I know I'm guilty but that I did what was wrong doesnt mean I will allow the next person do something wrong.

    Practice safe sex or abstain

    🙂 I am not scared of being body shamed as long as I am using my story to teach the younger generation on how to be better and avoid mistakes bipolar disorder comes with.

  17. Living in my society with BIPOLAR DISORDER

    Living in my society with BIPOLAR DISORDER

    I am really not much of a story teller,

    But I would love to share my experience about the little time I have lived on earth 

    Life is beautiful but life also is filled with challenges 

    I noticed while in secondary school (high school) I am from nigeria and that is what we call it i was always sad without a particular reason to why i was sad 

    I would sometimes not talk to any one in class for like a week, I was prone to being bullied because I was always out of place with my mates I talked too much, i talked fast and i was always not concentrating in class and i developed feelings for the opposite sex at a very tender age 

    I lacked dress sense but I was very imaginative I never allowed my surroundings determine how I saw the world 

    So I grew up that way and when I was a lot older I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but I would like to go back in time and explain to you how I was affected by bipolar disorder even before I was diagnosed 

    Well I was perceived as a "weirdo". I was intelligent but still socially awkward, I was teased for being different most times even been told harsh words.

    But that never changed my heart about being good and doing good, bipolar has affected me negatively in so many ways as much as it has affected me positively in so many ways. 

    Through bipolar disorder I became a lover of art and technology, I love the whole concept of art and everything to me good or bad, perfect or flawed is art to me.

    Technology means so much to me, it gives me hope of a better future, makes me believe some day a software or mechanical device will be built to help ease completely and cure mental disorders.

    With bipolar "I had and still have" no stable relationships with every one around, to me bipolar disorder and mental disorder in general is more spiritual than physical.

    Because even before you are diagnosed with it. Even before any one knows about it, the world and every one around you already treats you awkwardly.

    In fact most people who later went to test their mental health took the courage when they could no longer handle the social awkwardness they felt about the society and how unfair people treated them.

    Mental disorder is so spiritual, people subconsciously treat you unfairly and that affects your out look about life. 

    The most badly treated humans on earth are those with mental disorders, recently the world started showing concern to mental health, but still hasn't developed the support mental disordered people need.

    Many assume being mentally disordered 

    means you are toxic and you should be avoided. But while they avoid you they also hurt you with toxic verbal words and actions.

    Being mentally disordered isn't being toxic, yes we have had so many mentally disordered people go physical and brutal but no one ever for once ever studied their environment to see how badly they are being treated to bring about such physical and brutal traits.

    Many just assume from movies being watched that truly being mentally disorder has to do with the patient alone and alone, yes it has to do with the patient but more with their environment.

    If you take a mentally disordered from an environment that triggers them to an environment where they find comforting, they do well as normal people will.

    With bipolar disorder I get to do things I'm not proud of but yet still awkwardly bullied and humiliated for.

    I am very sensitive but yet i still have to go through many insensitive situations. 

    I am very emotional and emotionally unstable yet I still have to go through so many undespicable situations.

    I am already awkward socially yet I still have to deal with peer pressure and act responsible even when others who aren't diagnosed as mentally disordered misbehave.

    I am to act sane with people that reminds me of my insanity.

    I am the one to be blamed at every situation even when it is clear I'm being triggered for others fantasy.

    Mental disorder just have awareness it doesn't have any reliable support system yet around the world most especially from third world countries.

    A soft journal from a girl with mental disorder.

  18. Why do you treat me bad? Is it because of my mental disorder?

    Why do you treat me bad? Is it because of my mental disorder?

    A journal and a question with personal experience.

    This is one question I am yet to find answer to.

    To be mentally disordered mostly means inability to control one's emotions towards their environment, family and friends.

    But mental disordered people get the worse kind of treatment because of their inability to control their emotions.

    Normal people tend to always take advantage of the mentally disordered it's almost like being mentally disorded means you are the weakest in the human race clan.

    I have several personal experiences with growing up and having BIPOLAR DISORDER.

    I was really misunderstood for my inability to express and control my emotions.

    Many times I keep to myself and every one already concludes I don't like to relate with people. I feel too big of myself and they hope I get to be taught a lesson that no one is an island.

    When in reality I keep to myself because I'm having severe pains all over my body I can't explain the cause nor try to trouble any one so I keep to myself. 

    My head aches frequently even when I choose to relax.

    Many times I am too weak too tired too exhausted with little physical strength because my emotions are too extreme for me too keep up with and that exhaust me every time.

    Sometimes I have speech problems.

    Sometimes I have eye aches and everything I see looks blur.

    Sometimes I'm just wishing I get pass a day without  having to be judged for many things beyond my control.

    But the misconception about what I do and who I am tends to really clash with the reality of who i actually am and what I go through. 

    I just wished the world just gives room for mentally disorded people to be able to deal with their mental struggles without being judged or taken advantage of.

    Imagine how it feels to be scared to get a job because you don't even know if you can make it past a year working and never ever losing yourself and sense of purpose, worth or literally fed up with the job with the urge to quit.

    There should be jobs that should fit any mentally challenged 








    Graphic designing 

    Interior designing 

    Fashion designing etc

    Despite being mentally challenged we are highly intuitive and creative people.

    We work well when our creative side is being developed.

    Work environments needs to be safe for mentally disorded we have so much to offer the world 

    But we are mostly paid little or no attention too

    In fact we are the most looked down upon till we show our creative sides.

    We are not defined by our struggles 

    We are who we are with our creativity 

    We are unique 

    We are creative 

    We are extra ordinary.


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