About Me

Hello! My name is Jasmin and I own Designs by Jasmin.

I specialise in making bespoke memory keepsakes from your babies, loved ones or uniformed clothing.

I’ve have over 10 years sewing experience and have been making keepsakes for 7 years 🪡 🧸. I graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2016 and have a BA Hons in Fashion Business 🎓.

Sending clothing can be scary, especially when they can be irreplaceable but please be assured that I will keep your precious items safe and will transform them into beautiful, one of a kind keepsakes ❤️.

To make an order please give me a message on Facebook, Instagram or email me at [email protected] Please note that to secure your order I’d need a £15 deposit.

What I do!

Here are a few photos of some of my creations!


Memory animals

Memory animals can be made from children’s clothes, loved ones clothes or uniforms. I have over 30 animals to choose from so there’s something for everyone!

£50 + postage.
(Button jointed animals are £60)


Graduation animals

Are you graduating from college or Uni and not sure what to do with your uniform? Why not have it transformed into something you can keep forever!

All I need is one item of clothing with your Uni/college logo!

£50 + postage.
(Button jointed animals are £60)


Memory blankets

Memory blanket can be made from children’s or loved ones clothes. I have 5 different sizes to choose from!

From £50 - £200 + postage.


Birthweight animals

Birthweight animals are made from your children’s clothing and are weighted to your babies weight when they were first born.

£75 + postage.


Mini animals

Not sure you have enough clothing for a standard memory animal? Why not have a minutiae version! These are perfect for if you only have one item of clothing!

£35 + postage.


Wall hangings

These wall hangings can be made from children’s clothes or felt.

£55 + postage.



These doorstops can be made using patterned fabric or your items of clothing

From £35-£45 + postage.


Guestbook bears

Want a one of a kind guestbook for a special occasion like a big birthday, baby shower or wedding? These bears can be written on with sharpie.

These guestbook bears are perfect to remember your special day by keeping it on display instead of buried away in a bookcase.

£50 + postage.


Wedding dress bears

Want to have a special reminder of your wedding day? You can have it made into a keepsake bear where you can keep it on display instead of hidden away in a wardrobe.

£85+ postage.