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Who I am

First of all, thank you for clicking on the link!!

Hi there! I’m Desirae, a momma living in California! 😊 We welcomed our newest addition a month and a half before the world shut down and we both lost our jobs. So to say this last year has been rough would be a SEVERE understatement!

This year has been a wake up call on many levels. I got diagnosed with severe anxiety and ADHD and was out on medication for both. I have never been on a prescription medication in my life and swore I didn’t need to and had it under control (can we all laugh that I thought I had it under control with a newborn and both jobless with 2 older kids doing zoom school from home 🤣😂😭).

So on top of that, with my moms recent cancer diagnoses, I have come to the realization that we need to treat our bodies better. If ya girl could live off of milkshakes, cheesecake, hot cheetos and pizza, I gladly would lol. But I have joined this journey to spread my love of this natural and non toxic hair, skin and wellness company for my mom, for my kids and for myself.

So join me on this journey! Don’t be shy, let’s chat! Let’s talk about mom life, mental health, family, or this brand. Ask any questions, nothing is off limits! This year of isolation has made me crave friends and social interaction lol.