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Im a 24 year old beauty and wellness fanatic inspired to help everyone love themselves a little more, one shampoo bottle at a time ✨ My goal is to build confidence through pure independence - whatever that may mean to you.

Looking for a girl gang? Confidence? Financial Freedom? Time management skills? Free Trips? Healthy Hair? Healthy Skin? Brunch buddies?
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What I do...

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Why I Chose This “Side Hustle”

I first join to see if this could really help my hair and skin-it was tragic and my biggest insecurity. I fell in love with the products immediately and what they stood for, vegan and cruelty free. I didn’t really have high hopes for the business aspect at first mostly just took that route so I got the best deal on the products. But I hoped on all the team calls and learning about all the success that was happening I got more curious if this could actually work for me. I started doing personal development and saw myself get so much more confidence. Then I wasn’t seeing the success I wanted, stopped doing the personal development and let outside voices sway how I felt and what I did. After monations 2019 I had signed up for monations 2020 but right before the event I didn’t really feel like going but since I bought my ticket already I decided to go. I am so glad I did because it was truly such an eye opener, I was in such a selfish mindset in my business and that’s why I wasn’t seeing the success I was expecting. Now I only want to help people with the business, so if you decide to join me in this journey I promise to be there as much or little as you need because I know we all need different support but I want to be there for you how YOU need me! I’m so excited to see you grow into the best version of you🤍