Desiree Calpito

So it’s no coincidence you stumbled upon my site and I’m so glad you’re here. You were sent here for some crazy reason and well, it’s nice to meet you if we haven’t met already before.

I am a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Clean Skin Club Ambassador, and a Monat Market Parter, and apparently the best girlfriend ever. Crazy, I know. Bunch of different things, so how did I get here??

All my life I knew I wanted to work in the medical field and that is what I do full time. I work at a hospital and clinic administering radioactive pharmaceuticals to patients as an aid in their diagnosis of cancers and illnesses. Now, when the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, I wasn’t getting hours at the hospital. I was so broke and scared so I got a second job at a clinic (yay! I got lucky with this job) but I was on hold to start (again, bc of the pandemic). I had no income coming in and neither did my co-worker. She told me about some crazy thing she was doing and I guess I was just as crazy bc I ran with her and joined Monat too. The amount of regret I had joining was insane. I was so scared, so skeptical, and confused why I said yes so easily but I guess I was desperate for money.

Taking the leap and saying yes has to be one of my smartest moves. I got back on my feet, was able to continue my boujee ass lifestyle, spoil my family, spoil my love; my life changed for the better. Crazy to admit it, but my shampoo company did that for me... Like how tf is this a thing???

A month into solely doing Monat, I finally began training at my new workplace and gained hours back at the hospital. I am a busy freaking boss ass biiih. No matter how tired I was though, nothing could stop me. Why? Bc there was easy money to be made and many people who needed my help (whether at the hospital, clinic, or straight up in my bed). I knew the importance of multiple streams of income but I was tired and drained. So what did I do when I was exhausted??? I found a fourth source of income, Clean Skin Club. The little sacrifices I make now will help me retire earlier and be there more for my future family.

Now I’m no complete Super Woman or anything. I am a normal person with no experience in business or anything non-medical related but I learned. I grew and I learned and I hope I can be the inspiration to you to keep going and try new things. So let’s have the conversation. What is your dreams, goals, passions, what is your “why” in life?