The most beautiful thing you can possess is Confidence.

Here’s a thing or two about me!

I come from a small town in the northwestern part of Ohio. Born and raised I’ve been a small town girl with big dreams. I’ve always wanted to have a nice farmhouse with lots of land and a large family. I am an animal lover and a big traveler. As a fur mom of one rambunctious boy my life’s never surrounded traveling like I’d love it to. I started out in college trying to get my nursing degree but it turns out that’s just not my style. I’ve always wanted to help people in any way I could. Whether it was medically or spiritually. So I then began working as a night shift phlebotomist in a local hospital mid 2020. As time goes on it got tiring and emotionally draining. I never had time for myself or those I love. I love my job but as I began to start a family and wanting to grow my own confidence and well being, I realized it was just not for me.

I began searching for ways to work remotely and still make money to help support my growing family. I was getting ready to give up when a fellow influencer had posted the offer of a lifetime. I knew I couldn’t resist, I just had to find out what it takes to become a beauty partner. Few short messages later, I was hooked.

That’s when I learned that beauty and confidence was my passion. My sole drive is to help people gain confidence and power to run their own businesses just as was given to me. Not only did I gain confidence, but I also have the freedom to travel whenever I want! I am my own boss and now you can be too!