destini gwyn —

a lot about me

hello there! as you may know, i love stories and think they’re important. i’ll try to keep this one short though.

i grew up in a very small town. like one high school and a few red lights type of small. my mom had me at a young age so you could probably guess, i grew up pretty fast. i started my first job at 15 working at a salon everyday after school and on the weekends as the receptionist and assistant until i graduated high school. that salon truly helped raise me and since hair was all i knew, i went to cosmetology school. days after graduation, i started at a high end salon in orlando where i grew a passion for working with models and specializing in color. i’ve worked with many renowned hairstylists in the industry and when the opportunity to work at my dream salon in miami presented itself, i acted very quickly. i moved almost immediately and even stayed in a hotel the first couple weeks before moving into our condo. nothing was going to stop me from following my vision - i’m still just as stubborn by the way haha.

miami is where i fell madly in love with the whole creative process of visual art! i met so many amazing artists and models. all of them opening my mind and inspiring me to explore other mediums. i made the very scary and ballsy decision to leave that dream come true for an even bigger dream. one that i never see myself waking up from.

i started out as a production/admin assistant in miami for little over a year then managed to make my way back to orlando for school. i’ve been pursuing this passion for creative direction since 2018 and i haven’t looked back since. bringing a team of creatives together to support each other’s vision while telling impactful stories is so magical to me! when you have the right people together, the synergy that brings the whole vision to life is truly unmatchable. with me being highly empathetic, naturally supportive with lots of ideas and an open mind, i want to be someone that holds space for others to feel safe expressing themselves alongside me.

i know growth isn’t linear and being an artist can be very challenging at times but when you have a team that genuinely supports and backs you up, it makes the world of difference. i wouldn’t have it any other way.

if you feel inclined to reach out, please do! i would love to connect with you ♡︎