Fonts, Colouring, Bios, and more!

Fonts ఌ

• pretty you (not on dafont)
• poppy (not on dafont)
• better together
• lemon milk bold
• lemon milk bold italic
• cream DEMO
• monday routines
• social media
• butterflies
• hipster icons
• garlic salt
• biko
• KGflavorandframesthree (no spaces)
• mermaid bold
• breathe press (not on dafont)
• lamina
• eternal amsterdam
• honeymoon
• menina graciosa
• beauty
• UImockup
• habede extra doodles
• children sans
• loveyadoodle
• marola
• starmoon
• sant joan despi (not on dafont)
• KG a little swag
• social shapes
• porter bold
• ganula
• momcake
• sleep night
• all things cat (not on dafont)
• KGArrows
• heart warming

Colouring ఌ

apps: prequel, 24FPS, and colourtone

first, import the filter “sunkissed” in 24FPS and save. then go to prequel and add the adjustments
• contrast -30
• highlights -40
• shadows -50
• haze 35
• blur optional
and then go to filters and find the filter “mojave” and make the intensity 50. then, go to effects and put the dust filter and make the dust whatever u want and the filter 50. finally, go to colourtone and add the filter “avalon” and make the intensity 0.50 before or after adding the text.

How to download fonts ఌ

!DISCLAMER¡ u need to download the app vont (now available on both android and iphone).

first, go to google/safari and type “”. second, type any font u want (u can find font packs on tiktok and youtube) and once u find it, click “download”. third, once u downloaded it, go to the arrow facing down at the top, and pick the font u downloaded. then, keep it will bring u to the files app, and while ur there. find the font u downloaded and keep holding on it. next, u will see lots of options but pick “share” and find vont and pick it. finally, press the “install” button and there u go! thats how to download fonts :)

Bios ఌ

⌗ ____ love bug
⌞ not impersonating ⌝
⚓︎ — ________

• fandom ✧ name •
| pronouns | ఌ date u started
𖠰 — put anything u want here

Captions ఌ

⊱ ఌ :: put caption here | : ̗̀➛ 𝐈𝐁: | 𝐒/𝐎::┊ ⌞insert tags⌝ ┊

— 🐞 ⊹˚˖⁺ ⤖ ⌗ put your caption here ⤖ ib: ___ ⤖ ⤷ s/o: ___ ⤜insert tags⤛ ⚓︎ put what ever you want here —

📢 ❝ ❝ 𓈈 s/o ⤖ ⌇🍥⌇𖧧𖤣 taggies 🦢 — 𖧧𖤣

📢 ❝ ❝ 𓈈 s/o ⤖ ⌇🐻⌇𖧧𖤣 taggies 🥠 — 𖧧𖤣

Thank you ఌ

thank you for taking a look at my milkshake website! enjoy the rest of your day!